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Why Start a Blog: [The 10 Main Reasons]

Hi you 🙂 !! 

in this article I talk to you about a very important topic, especially in the current scenario where social networks are taking up more and more space on the web and in people’s minds. Today we talk about why start a blog in 2022

There are actually so many reasons why you should start a blog in 2022, in this article I want to cover the main ones and discuss them a bit


Here is the list of reasons to start a blog:

  1. To share your thoughts, ideas and passions
  2. To improve your writing skills
  3. To position yourself as an expert
  4. To develop your knowledge
  5. To have an extra source of income
  6. To be independent
  7. To improve your motivation
  8. To increase your technical skills
  9. For your personal growth
  10. To be part of the blogger community

Sharing thoughts, passions and ideas:

Blogging is a bit like having your own newspaper or magazine with your audience

and be free to talk about everything that interests you, about what you are passionate about.

In the blog you can share experience and reflections to an audience that reads you because it is interested in you and in the things you have to tell

Improve your writing skills

Initially your articles will be ugly, poorly edited and poorly written which is totally normal in the early stages of your project, 

but over time you will exponentially improve your writing and your synthesis and explanation skills.

Your reasoning will be increasingly clear and your analytical ability to understand texts and conversations will be improved

In addition, another aspect that you will improve thanks to your blog is the writing speed, if at the beginning you need days to write an article over time you will be able to write articles in a couple of hours

Position yourself as an expert in your industry

Blogging is an excellent tool for personal branding, having a blog on any topic positions you as an expert.

All users who end up on your blog and find answers to their problems and doubts will be grateful to you and the information they find on your blog.

this will position you in their head as the expert on that niche

Develop your knowledge

you don’t have to be an expert in your niche to start a blog , any person with good knowledge in any subject can start a blog, 

what makes the difference is that with a blog you can develop your knowledge and deepen all the topics of your niche.

and this continuous in-depth work will make you a long-term expert

Extra income source

Blogging done in a professional and serious way can become an excellent source of income, 

There are many ways to monetize a blog and in the best cases the blog can transform not only into a brand but also into your main source of income.

Be independent

blogging allows you to be independent and be your own boss.

independence is one of the main reasons why people change jobs and become bloggers

the ability to be independent and manage your working hours at will is by far one of the main advantages of a career as a blogger

Improve your motivation

during your blogging career you will surely have ups and downs, and you will be forced to cheer yourself up

no one will force you to write the articles it will be just you with yourself most of the time,

this being alone and working towards your goals will develop your motivation

also because only with great motivation can you carry on a blog and make it a business

the work of defining your goals, managing your blog, programming your editorial plan as well as the work of managing time and energy will help you in moments of little motivation

Increase your technical skills

Managing a blog also means writing emails, installing and updating plugins, buying and selling on the internet, writing word documents, editing Excel files, analyzing data and understanding the technical problems of your blog.

all these activities do not require great computer skills, but they are skills that you absolutely must learn

Personal growth

A blogger ‘s career is a great path of personal growth

managing a blog is much more than learning some new computer skills, a career as a blogger changes your life indeed it changes the way you bring it to life, 

you will learn to be patient, you will learn to take risks and evaluate opportunities, you will learn to invest in the projects you believe in and you will ultimately become a problem solver

Be part of the blogger community

Finally, with the blog you can be part of the community of bloggers , which even if at SERP level some can be your competitors

in real life you will find real friends, ready to help you whenever you have a problem with your blog