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Sell Used Socks

The analysis of the sale of used socks online as an economic and sociological phenomenon provides an in-depth perspective on this niche sector in e-commerce. From an economic standpoint, the sale of used socks on… Leggi tutto »Sell Used Socks

What is Telegram

Telegram is an instant messaging service owned by the company Telegram LLC, founded by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov, with headquarters in Dubai. The application is free for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, macOS, Linux, and Windows,… Leggi tutto »What is Telegram

Surveoo: What is it

Surveoo is an online survey platform that provides users with the opportunity to earn extra money by participating in surveys on various topics. Managed by a French company called S GOBERT EURL, the platform has… Leggi tutto »Surveoo: What is it

How to make money on Facebook

Making money with Facebook can be scientifically analyzed by focusing on two main methods: affiliate marketing and advertising. In affiliate marketing, users earn commissions by promoting third-party products or services on the Facebook platform. This… Leggi tutto »How to make money on Facebook

Instafeet Reviews

Instafeet is an innovative online platform that offers users the opportunity to earn money by selling photographs of their feet, fitting perfectly into the context of online earning. From the perspective of behavioral economics, this… Leggi tutto »Instafeet Reviews

Cj Dropshipping reviews

From the consumer behavior perspective, marketing techniques often aim to encourage impulse purchases. A study has shown that 64% of online shoppers have made an impulse purchase in their lifetime (source: Wiley Online Library). In… Leggi tutto »Cj Dropshipping reviews

Feetfinder reviews

FeetFinder is an online platform specialized in the sale of customized content related to feet. The earnings potential offered by this platform is one of the main reasons users sign up, in addition to the… Leggi tutto »Feetfinder reviews