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What is Siteground

Hi you!

You are on this article because you are looking for a hosting service that suits you and your projects on the web, aren’t you?

Optimal!! Then this article is for you

In this article I will explain what Siteground is and why it is exactly the service you need 

Siteground is a web hosting company that offers hosting services to more than two million domains around the world. Web hosting is an online service that hosts all the files you will need for building your website

Siteground was born in Bulgaria by a group of university friends and ends up becoming one of the most famous hosting service providers in the world with offices all over Europe and one of the recommended hosting and WordPress partners

WordPress which is the web content management system most famous in the world ( CMS ) 

The services that Siteground  web hosting provides are:

  • Shared hosting
  • cloud hosting
  • Email hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Woo commerce  hosting
  • and specific and advanced solutions for companies

In fact, one of the light services of Siteground is WordPress hosting which is practically the possibility of installing WordPress with one click

not all hosting are able to implement this procedure and it is thanks to tools like this that Siteground ended up in the list of 3 hosting suggested directly by WordPress

And designated by the same platform to be the top three out there for managing WordPress

these hosting are:

  • Bluehost
  • Dreamhost
  • Siteground

a constant attention to detail and cutting-edge tools have earned him this recognition from WordPress , tools such as:

  • One click install
  • Managed updates
  • WP-Cli
  • WordPress Stging
  • Git integration

What is Siteground for ?

Siteground really has different features and every year the services they can provide us content creators increase but if I have to summarize I would say that

Siteground is the web hosting service that hosts all the files you need to build your website … but not only …


Siteground allows you to improve your search engine rankings

Well, you heard right !!

Factors such as site loading speed heavily affect Google ranking 

and good hosting should at a minimum allow you to have a good loading speed of all the files on your website

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I want to show you the screenshot of my site’s loading speed

Calculated with speed insight which is Google’s tool for measuring the loading speed of websites


Google gives me a 99/100 rating for the loading speed of my site and all this is thanks to Siteground


Siteground allows you to have a protected website thanks to the tools they provide

Security is Siteground’s priority

here are some tools for the protection of your site put in place by Siteground:

  • All servers are running the latest version of PHP 7 with the latest website security updates
  • Siteground has sophisticated IDS / IPS which are systems that block malicious bots and defend you from various attacks
  • Modsecurity is installed on all shared servers and this allows your site to be protected from the most common web attacks

obviously web security is never enough but the Siteground team is very involved on this point and monitors everything that happens on the web every day to predict all attacks

for more information I recommend reading this article written by the Siteground team on security: WordPress security: 5 principles to follow to protect your site


Siteground allows you to back up your site and restore old versions of your site with one click

In fact, Siteground gives you the possibility to have a backup of the last 30 days of your site 

Yes, you got it right 30 days !!

this allows you in case you make changes that ruin the functioning of your site to go back as if nothing had happened

How much does Siteground cost?

the cost of Siteground varies depending on the hosting plan :

the StartUp plan costs $3.99 / month, the GrowBig plan costs $6.99 / month and the GoGeek plan costs $10.79 / month

these prices are valid for the first year of the contract with Siteground and increase in the second year

the costs of the hosting plan in the second year are:

StartUp plan cost: $12.99 / month

GrowBig plan cost: $22.99 / month

GoGeek plan cost: $34.99 / month

Siteground’s prices

Cost of Hosting Plan$3.99 / month$6.99 / month$10.79 / month
Renewal Cost$12.99 / month$22.99 / month$34.99 / month

prices that per year translate into $47.88 with a renewal cost of $155.88 for the StartUp plan,

$83.88 with a renewal cost of $275.88 for the GrowBig plan,

$129.48 with a renewal cost of $419.88 for the GoGeek plan

what is the best hosting plan ?

depends on your situation and where you are on your online journey, 

If you are a novice and you want to create your blog then I invite you to take a StartUP plan, if instead you have a few years of experience and are growing your site slowly and you have more than 10’000 monthly visits then the GrowBig plan is the one. right for you,

instead if you are an online expert who receives more than 25,000 visits per month then GoGeek is the plan that makes it the plan for you

my opinion on Siteground

my opinion on Siteground is overall very positive, I have been working with them for a couple of years already and I am extremely satisfied with their services

I have also only once had a problem caused by a change in the theme of my blog

I contacted customer service and they solved the problem in half an hour, super fast and super reliable

I was extremely satisfied and that is why I highly recommend Siteground