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What is Brevo

In this article I want to tell you about one of the best methods for doing email marketing

what is Brevo?

Brevo is an email marketing and marketing automation service used for email marketing campaigns and relationship marketing campaigns .

Brevo allows companies to promote themselves through digital marketing campaigns to create marketing campaigns to be sent to a contact list

CEO:Armand Thiberge
Sector:Relationship marketing , digital marketing
Products:Email marketing , marketing automation
Website:Armand Thiberge

Brevo is a Parisian company that was born as a company that allowed the sending of transactional emails

to date it is one of the leading Email marketing companies thanks to the various digital marketing services and thanks to the experience it has in email automation

Email automatisation, which is the activity of automatically sending emails to a contact list, is the main feature and the strong point of Brevo

competence that differentiates it from other products on the market

with email marketing automation we mean all the operations of sending, setting up and managing emails through automatisms

ex sendinblue

and Brevo allows you all types of automation, from the simplest automations to more complicated and advanced automations

in addition to email marketing with Brevo you can automate other services 

services such as sending SMS, chat messages and Facebook ads

each email campaign is testable thanks to the AB tester tool that allows you to find the most efficient model and which converts the most between different email models

In addition to the services I have listed above, Brevo also allows you to create landing pages, newsletter subscription forms

How to use Brevo?

Here are the main ways of using Brevo:

  • Brevo is used to create newsletters and for blog and brand promotions

    , creating emails is very simple thanks to tools such as the drag and drop interface and the templates available in the library
  • Brevo is also used for sms marketing , sms marketing is the sending of promotional messages in the form of SMS for commercial purposes, this type of campaign is often used for more urgent campaigns such as the promotion of events and last minute promotions
  • Brevo allows you to be instantly available to your customers through communication in the chats of your website, this ensures you an instant and perennial presence on your website

    the chat is a one-to-one communication software that allows your customers to ask questions about your business

    the advantage of this program is that once set up it allows you to instantly answer your customers’ questions
  • Sending blue also provides you with a CRM to manage the relationship with your customers, CRM is custom relationship management which is a marketing activity that allows you to segment your customer database for optimal management

    Brevo puts you at available its extremely easy to use CRM that allows you to centralize and organize your contact list
  • the flagship of Brevo is marketing automation, a tool that allows you to automate your operational tasks based on pre-established scenarios, 

    automation marketing is a digital marketing activity that has the task of automating repetitive and repetitive operations. track, measure and optimize all the digital marketing activities of an organization to improve their effectiveness 

    Brevo is one of the reference points in marketing automation thanks to the automation services that it offers

    with Brevo you can create automations for each scenario (upselling, cross-selling , lead scoring etc)
  • Brevo allows you to send secure transactional emails you can rely on, transactional emails are an automatic email sent to a customer to confirm the success of an event or transaction
  • Brevo allows you to segment or send specific messages to different segments of your audience, to create landing pages, registration forms (opt-in), facebook ads, retargeting etc.

the list is really long and the services offered by this platform are really a lot

How much does Brevo cost?

Here are the Brevo rates:

Free PlanLite planPremium planCompany Plan
$0$19$49on estimate

How to create a newsletter with Brevo?

To effectively create a newsletter using Brevo, follow these methodical steps. Start by accessing the campaign editor, which is the first step, and click on “create a new campaign.” This leads you to phase two, where you need to enter the settings of your campaign. Make sure to clearly define aspects such as the name of the campaign, the subject, and other details, which constitute about 30% of the entire setup process.

The third step, which represents about 20% of the process, involves selecting a template for your newsletter. Brevo offers a variety of templates, so choose the one that best suits your message and audience. Subsequently, in the fourth step, select the recipients of your newsletter. This step is crucial and makes up about 25% of the process, as proper segmentation of the audience can significantly increase the opening and click-through rates.

Finally, the fifth step, which represents the remaining 25% of the process, is to schedule your mailing list and confirm the sending of the newsletter. This phase requires careful verification of the settings to ensure that everything is correctly configured. Precise planning at this stage can enhance the effectiveness of your newsletter, directly influencing the engagement rate, which can vary from 5% to 20%, depending on the content and the target audience

Steps to create your Brevo account

To create an account on Brevo, start by following a detailed and structured procedure. First, representing the initial step which constitutes about 20% of the process, visit the Brevo website and begin creating a new account. Then, in the second step, accounting for about 30% of the process, enter your personal information, including your email. This phase is crucial for the correct configuration of your account.

After entering your data, the third step, which makes up 20% of the process, requires you to confirm your email. You will receive an email with a confirmation link, which you must click to proceed. This action ensures the validity of your email address and prevents abuse or registration errors.

The fourth step, representing another 20% of the process, is to complete the registration with additional information requested on the platform. This phase allows you to customize your account according to your specific needs.

Finally, the last step, which makes up the remaining 10%, involves entering the code that will be sent to you by email or SMS to finalize the registration. This final step provides an additional level of security and confirms your identity. By completing these steps with 100% accuracy, you will be ready to use your Brevo account and enjoy all the features offered by the platform