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What is Google Search Console

in this article you will find out what is Google Search Console is and what it is used for

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your website’s presence in Google search results .

You can use Search Console to submit and test your website’s sitemaps, to view your website’s traffic and performance in search results, to find and fix errors, and to monitor your site’s clicks and views. web.

providing data on the organic traffic that the website receives

the service previously called Webmaster Tools took the designation of Google Search console on May 20, 2015 gradually became the software we know

Google search console allows you to do activities including sending the sitemap to Google and checking both the indexing frequency and the frequency with which the googlebot visits the website

google search console also allows you to check the keywords that bring more traffic to the website and the number of clicks a page receives on search results by providing a graph of the progress of these parameters over time to the webmaster

the service is also very useful for checking server errors, loading problems, security and vital web signals of a website (fast url)

the association of Google search console with Google Analytics is highly recommended and allows an even better and global evaluation of the status of a website

with Google search console you will also be able to consult important data on the traffic that arrives to your website from Google Search , such as the number of site views in Google Search , 

the queries that bring you the most visitors and the click through rate (CTR)

and if set correctly, the service can send notifications every time Google discovers new problems, for example indexing problems or spam on the site 

What help can Google Search Console provide ?

the main objective of Google Search console is to help verify the crawling and indexing of the website by google and to simplify the operations of new pages or updated pages

What are crawl reports in Google Search Console ?

Google Search console allows you to crawl URLs

these scans allow you to check the indexing situation of a website page and to obtain information from Google on any operations to be carried out to improve the visibility of the page


How to use Google search console

How to activate Google search console?

To activate Google Search Console , you will need to add and verify your website with Google . Once your website is added and verified, you will be able to access all the features and tools offered by Search Console .

to activate Google Search console you need to perform the following steps:

  • log in to the Google administrative console
  • select “applications” and click on ” additional Google services”
  • select “service status”
  • click on “active for all”

How to connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics?

To connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics , you will need to log into your Google Analytics account and then select the “Administrator” option. 

In the “Properties” section you will need to select the “property settings” option and then scroll down to the “all products” section. In this section, you will need to select the “Search Console ” option and then link your Google Analytics account to your Google Search Console account .

to connect Google search console to Google Analytics you need to perform the following steps;

  • Open Google Analytics
  • go to the Administration section
  • in the “properties” section click on “property settings”
  • select “all products”
  • search for ” Google Search console”
  • Connect Google search console to Google Analytics