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What is a web writer

what is a web writer?

a web writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites or blogs.

each site has a specific audience and specific products and services the task of the web content writer is to create the best content to promote the company’s products


the contents must be written following the copywriting rules and the SEO rules to attract the maximum number of customers and to position themselves in the best positions in the search results

Web Writer and Web Content Writer are two expressions that refer to the same professional figure, you can find both expressions on the web but they mean the same thing

What does a web writer do?

the web writer (or web content writer) is a figure who mainly deals with the production of digital written content for the web

this content can be produced in two ways:

for your own digital business or for other companies

writing content for your digital business is a great way to get started in the world of the web writer

the fastest and easiest way is to create a blog, the blog is a website used for the regular publication of personal articles

these articles allow its author to express opinions, thoughts and share content with the public

the activity of web writer for companies or for other bloggers is on paper similar to the activity of web writer on your behalf

the difference is that working for other people you are limited on several points such as the choice of articles to write, the choice of topics to write on, the writing style, the tone of voice etc.

the fundamental skills for a web writer are two: copywriting and seo

copywriting is the activity of writing texts with the aim of convincing readers to buy a product, to support a cause or to accept a certain belief

copy refers to written content that aims to persuade readers

SEO (search engine optimization) means optimization for search engines and texts

SEO is a very large field and a web writer does not have to know all the technical aspects of this discipline

but he only needs to know web content optimization techniques

SEO optimized content is easily indexed by the search engine

which can lead to better positioning in the serp of the articles

How do you become a web writer?

like any digital work there is no linear path to become a web writer

but there are actions that can help you get ready

here is the list of actions to do to become a web writer:

  • open a blog
  • training
  • choice of niche

Open a blog

Opening a blog is the simplest and most beneficial operation you can do to become a web writer

the main job of a web writer is to create content on the web

so if you want to become a web writer you have to start creating content online immediately and the tool that can allow you to do this is blogging

the blog is really simple to open and set up

once you have bought your hosting and domain

train yourself to do keyword research and create valuable content that is positioned in the top positions on search engines

these articles will be a test for you and also a proof of your skills for your future employers


training is an extremely important point for a web writer

there are several disciplines to master, copywriting, SEO, keyword research etc.

the online world moves at an incredible speed and the only way to keep up is to continuously train

the best web writers are trained every year so as not to miss the news that arrive and the updates of new digital tools and new digital strategies

Choice of niche

to become a professional web writer you will have to choose your target niche

choose a sector and specialize in that sector

the specialization will allow you to create an authority in an area and this will allow you to be much more relevant in your texts 

and above all the specialization will allow you to get paid more since the quality of your work will be potentially higher

How much does a web writer make?

in general, a web writer in Italy earns an average of $29,000 per year or $14.87 per hour 

while for beginner web writer positions the figures are around $21,650 per year while for web writers with more experience you can earn up to $48,750 per year

copywriters, on the other hand, earn a monthly amount that is around $1,500 and $2,500