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What is a Personal Blog

Hi you! 🙂

In this article I want to talk to you about an excellent means of communication for those people who love to share information and thoughts, a medium that can both be part of a digital marketing strategy and be a hobby: the personal blog

what is a personal blog?

personal blogs is a web space opened by an author who wants to share his thoughts, ideas, knowledge and personal experiences with his readers

for personal bloggers there are no general rules, a personal blog does not need any specific experience, does not require timing and above all does not require you to leave your job to start one

he personal blog is the web page where you write articles, blog posts for your readers, you can add photos and videos to make it more personal and more attractive.

you don’t have to be a professional writer to start a personal blog in fact you have to consider that your readers will come to your blog to hear what you have to say and what your thoughts are


and this is exactly the difference between a personal blog and an account on a social network like Facebook

people enter your personal blog to hear your opinion while when they enter social networks I don’t specifically want your opinion but just want to be entertained and spend time

that’s why in your personal blog you have to keep a tone of voice as informal as possible and write in a simple way just like you would write if you were talking to your friend

write about funny, serious, inspirational facts or make it journalistic, political, or a recipe blog, whatever interests you 

and remember that all kinds of blogs can be successful online in 2022

an example of a personal blog that I follow and that I recommend: Dario Vignali ‘s personal blog ->

Why create a personal blog

the personal blog can bring you so many benefits and there can be many reasons to start a personal blog: 

Here is the list of 11 reasons to start a personal blog :

  1. Gaining Fame and Notoriety
  2. Advertising
  3. Get visibility
  4. Publish valuable information
  5. Grow in visibility and popularity
  6. Earn Money Blogging
  7. Acquire new skills
  8. Increase your network of relationships (networking)
  9. Grow your personal brand
  10. Increase your audience
  11. Selling products online

the benefits of opening a personal blog are:

  • Knowing yourself: writing is a great exercise to put your thoughts in order, writing about the experiences you live daily, your thoughts and your reactions will begin to better understand who you are and what kind of person you are.

    This daily activity will allow you to better manage your emotions and have clearer thoughts

  • Learning new things : When you try to articulate your thoughts and put them in writing, you force yourself to consider many more parameters and concepts and this leads you to look for other information that supports your argument.

    This research work allows you to learn new things every day

  • Develop your communication skills : Writing regularly forces you to think about your sentences and structure them so that they are as understandable as possible. With a little practice and consistency the writing process will come out naturally and you will begin to feel like a better communicator.

    You will be able to write articles, emails , reports that can get the process going, it will come out naturally and you will begin to feel like a better communicator, you will be able to understand, converse better and deeply understand other people’s speeches.
  • Introduce yourself to a community or a niche : this point depends on how you want to blogging but you have to keep in mind that the more you start talking about a specific niche the more people who are part of this niche will start reading your articles

    and to get closer to you in some way (comments, emails , collaborations) the blog is in this case your business card in any type of niche

  • Develop a personal brand : the personal blog gives you the opportunity to develop your personal brand and improve your reputation as well as demonstrate your skills on certain topics in your niche

  • Become independent : a personal blog can become a professional blog, a professional blog allows you to be independent,

    work when you want and make your own decisions, choose the promotion strategies your way of writing as well as your holidays, you will no longer have dealing with arrogant managers and editors

How do you start a blog

to open a personal blog the first thing you need to do is buy a hosting and install WordPress

here are the steps to create a personal blog :

  1. Purchase Hosting and install WordPress
  2. Choose the name of your personal blog
  3. Choose the theme of your personal blog
  4. Write your first article

If you are interested in opening a blog I recommend reading my article: Create a personal blog .

You will find all the tools I use to grow my blog

What can be done with a personal blog

Here is the list of what you can do with a personal blog :

  • Make your skills and your passion for a niche known
  • Create content in a personal tone and without style constraints
  • Make yourself known as sponsors and brands
  • Share opinions and thoughts
  • Open conversations with your readers
  • Create your own community