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What is a Food Blogger: [and How To Become One]

Hi you! 🙂

in this article I will talk about a very famous type of blogger in Italy: The Food blogger

There are different types of bloggers , the food blogger takes care of cooking and food!

what is a food blogger?

the food blogger is the author of a food blog and has the task of managing communication related to food, recipes and experiences that can be had with food in the world. In food blogs you can usually find recipes, preparations of dishes with images and videos, restaurant reviews.

the food blogger is a person who has the ability to describe recipes in a simple and accurate way and who transforms his passion for cooking into an online activity.

there is a difference between food bloggers and food influencers , food bloggers are people who talk about food through blogging activities, therefore publishing articles and blog posts while a food influencer is a person who has the task of influencing the purchasing choices of their own fans base and promote various commercial products

By following this definition you can understand well that a food blogger can be a food influencer , and that a food influencer can be a food blogger or a food youtuber etc ..

but beware food bloggers and food influencers are not synonymous


being a food blogger is a double job and it takes a lot of skills but despite this, food bloggers work very well in Italy to be a people of good gourmets 🙂

what is the story of food bloggers ?

the term derives from the union of food and bloggers . This term is first used in the US in 1997 when the first Chowhound online recipe portal was opened 

in 2006 CNET networks bought Chowhound, turning it into a magazine

CBS acquired CNET in 2008, transforming Chowhound into one of the largest food communities in the world

What does a Food Blogger do?

the food blogger is a person who opens a thematic blog about food, cooks, creates recipes, takes photos / videos, writes blog articles , writes reviews, publishes culinary stories, promotes his articles , responds to readers 

he also describes his culinary experiences through web tools:

  • Drafting of informative content useful to readers
  • Creation of visual content (photos and videos) to help understand the recipes
  • opening and social management to relate to one’s community and promote the blog
  • digital marketing activities

the food blogger is a job that requires a lot of energy and effort because behind each article there is a lot of preparation work, both online and offline

How to become a Food Blogger

To become a food blogger , the first thing you need to do is create a blog.

create a blog and follow all the steps necessary for the para-footage of your blog (server and domain). 

After you have created the blog, you will have to think about the creation of the contents and their promotion

the tools to create a food blogger are: a blog, a camera and your cooking skills 

remember a good food blog is an extremely visual blog so a camera and the tools you need to take good pictures (tripod, lights) will be needed at some point in your blogging career

here is the list of skills that usually a food blogger blog must have:

  • knowing how to cook or having a great passion for cooking
  • you have to be able to communicate and write
  • you have to know digital marketing
  • you must have computer skills
  • you must know how to take photos and videos

skills that you do not have to have at the beginning but that you will learn along the way

I advise you to follow the best food bloggers in Italy to take a cue from them and learn the techniques of professionals this will allow you not to start from scratch but to create your blog with blog templates in mind

Types of food bloggers

  • Recipe blogs : these are blogs where the author focuses mainly on writing recipes and creating recipes
  • Food and restaurant reviews : these are blogs where we find restaurant reviews, reviews of the proposed food of the atmosphere, but also of the services and prices of the restaurants. They are a more in-depth version of the guides because the author enriches everything with the stories and experiences that he has lived
  • Food and travel : a particular type of food blog because it consists of talking about other cultures. these bloggers travel the world, visiting and eating food from various places known for their culinary specialties, documenting their experiences.
  • Niche food : they are bloggers who write about super niche topics, for example gluten-free food blogs, vegan blogs etc. 
  • Food Photo & Video Blog: Blog with a prevalence of food related photos and videos. Food blogging or food photography is the work of producing images and photos with a great focus on food. The goal of these photos is to sell and promote products or recipes with eye-catching photos

the best Italian food bloggers

Here is the list of the best Italian food bloggers :

  • Saffron yellow
  • Sonia Peronaci (founder of Giallo safferano)
  • Marco Bianchi
  • Enrica Panariello 
  • Chiara Maci
  • Antonia Distasi (uccia 3000)
  • Chef in shirt
  • Benedetta Rossi (made in the house)
  • Misya
  • Simonetta Cherubini
  • Gabriele Rubini
  • Marco Bianchi