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What is a blogger : [and what he does]

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in this article I will tell you about one of the oldest and still important professions in the web and digital marketing: The blogger

what is a blogger?

a blogger is a person who owns and runs a blog. The this blog shares his knowledge and opinions on a topic or niche for his readers . Through the blog, the blogger implements digital marketing strategies with the aim of promoting and selling products and services


What does a blogger do?

a blogger writes textual content such as articles, emails, blog posts, sales pages with the aim of growing their blog and promoting and selling their products and services

Being a blogger means writing.

Writing is a fundamental part of the work of a blogger , the blogger is a web writer so he is part of the category of people who write on the web

the blog articles aim to provide information to readers in a free and easily understandable way

writing interesting and informative articles grows the blog and increases the authority of a particular blogger over their niche and this brings the trust of the readers

once readers trust a particular blogger it is easy for them to become customers or be sensitive to the blogger ‘s advice

the ability of the blogger to write valuable content is a fundamental point in this market in addition to the knowledge of the best platforms and the best tools for blogging

Who are the most famous Italian bloggers ?

the most famous bloggers in Italy are:

  • Chiara Ferragni, fashion blogger . Her blog is
  • Benedetta Rossi, food Blogger . Her blog is fattoincasadabenedetta
  • Clio Zammatteo, beauty blogger . Her blog is
  • Chiara Maci, food blogger . Her blog is
  • Mariano Di Vaio, fashion blogger . His blog is
  • Chiara Nasti, fashion blogger . Her blog is Nastilove
  • Chiara Biasi, fashion blogger . Her blog is Chiarabiasi
  • Sonia Peronaci, food blogger . Her blog is 
  • Beppe Grillo, political blogger . His blog is
  • Salvatore Aranzulla, tech blogger . His blog is

How do you become a blogger ?

To become a blogger you need to own a blog. Which means buying hosting and a domain on the web.

it’s very simple, everyone can become a blogger on paper, the walls at the entrance are really low

But to become a blogger in the true sense of the word you have to do all the necessary work after creating a blog

what are the jobs that a blog requires?

the jobs a blog requires are:

  • Posting content on a regular basis
  • Management of the technical parameters of the blog (security, speed, backup)
  • SEO positioning management
  • Management of blog promotion (Social network, Google ..)
  • Blog monetization management

How much does a blogger make?

According to the report made by Convertkit 

in 2017 the average profits of bloggers were € 47 626 ($ 54,108) with average expenses of € 13 993 ($15,898) and profit of € 33 461 ($38,016)

which means that bloggers in 2017 had an average monthly salary of: $2,788

values ​​that are high thanks to the earnings of professional bloggers

Professional bloggers earned an average of € 163 695 ( $ 185,975) in 2017, with € 42 172 ($47,912) on average in expenses and € 121 598 ($138,046) in profit

therefore a monthly salary of: $10,133 for professional bloggers

Non -professional bloggers earned an average of € 14 318 ($16,267) with € 5 958 ($6,769) on average spending for an average profit of € 8 359 ($9,497)

therefore a monthly salary of: $696 for non-professional bloggers

I recommend reading the Covertkit report for more information: Convertkit Report

Difference between blogger and influencer?

There is no difference between bloggers and influencers. The blogger is an influencer who influences the buying decisions of his readers through his blog.

the influencer is anyone who has the power to influence senior purchasing decisions due to his authority, competence, knowledge 

the blogger is a sub-category of influencers

bloggers are influencers because they can influence a person’s purchase decision

I’ll give you an example we all ended up on the tutorials of the most famous tech blogger in Italy, Aranzulla,

Aranzulla after years of work has gained enormous authority on the web and we all know that we can count on the advice given to us by his articles

If tomorrow Aranzulla were to change one of the software that he recommends in his articles, this would most likely lead many people to change software

this is a simple example of influence and you can see how Aranzulla who is a tech blogger can in this way be an influencer in some way

There are several types of bloggers

Here is the list of the types of bloggers that exist:

  • Travel blogger
  • Food blogger
  • Fashion blogger
  • Beauty blogger
  • Instagram blogger
  • Green Blogger
  • Political blogger
  • Tech blogger
  • Lifestyle blogger
  • Personal blogger
  • Professional Blogger