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Make money on Amazon: [The 3 Best Methods]

Hi you !! 🙂

In this article I will tell you about how to make money with Amazon

if you are looking for online earning methods then you absolutely must know the methods that Jeff Bezos’ company offers and that can make you earn much more than a few extra bucks every month 🙂

Amazon is one of the most famous companies in the world and it is thanks to the success of this Ecommerce that Jeff Bezos has become one of the richest men in the world

in our series of articles on how to make money online I couldn’t help but tell you about the possibilities that Amazon offers

How To Make Money On Amazon

More than 100,000 million visitors visit the site each month

this removes a variable from the online income equation

the variable: TRAFFIC

a success and a visibility really beyond all logic and which you can take advantage of by discovering how to make money with Amazon

There are more solutions to make money on Amazon but in this article I want to introduce you to the ones that I think are the best:

  • Amazon affiliation
  • Amazon FBA
  • Selling On Amazon

Amazon affiliation


One of the main ways to make money with Amazon are affiliations, 

Jean what are affiliations?

I have already talked about affiliation several times in fact it is also one of my favorite ways to make money with a blog

but if I have to sum it up in a few words …

affiliation consists of promoting and selling another company’s product in exchange for a commission 

Amazon has a specific program directly aimed at those people who want to affiliate

the program is called: AMAZON AFFILIATE PROGRAM

this program allows you to share products and programs available on Amazon

using link building tools and earning revenue on customer sales

the Amazon affiliate program is one of the largest affiliate programs in the world and with a great reputation as well as seriousness

How to register?

registering with the Amazon program is very fast and can be summarized in 4 main steps

  1. Sign up for the affiliate program
  2. Select the product to promote
  3. Create the custom  link
  4. Insert the link in one of your articles

Registering for the program is very simple, no particular requirement is required apart from obviously owning a website or blog

all content creators can participate in this program

also influencers with, in Amazon ‘s words , “a consolidated following of followers”

After you have registered you will be able to promote the products available on the Amazon platform with Affiliate links

getting a commission every time a user buys a product through your link

the commission that Amazon takes varies from product to product

on average we are talking about figures from 3% to 12% on the product sold

The affiliation solution is excellent if you have a website or a social account with a lot of following

the advantages of this method is certainly the fact that it is totally free and without additional costs and in addition you can benefit from the reputation of Amazon products, products that are much loved by customers thanks to the reputation of Amazon

A non-negligible advantage that makes it very easy to sell and easy to make money with Amazon affiliations

while the disadvantage is that the commissions are low and to have good earnings you need good traffic

Amazon Handmade


Amazon Handmade is an amazon community where artists and artisans can sell their products to the whole world

handmade accounts are very different from regular Amazon Seller accounts, and the business model is different from other Amazon selling methods

all products sold on handmande must be exclusively handmade , modified by hand and assembled by hand, no products left the factory with a mass production system are allowed on the handmade market place

Here are some examples of products you can find on Handmade:

  • Crochet bags
  • abstract art
  • Pottery
  • Bath soaps
  • Pillow cases
  • Beaded bracelets
  • ETC ..


Selling on Amazon handmade is really simple,

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Create an exclusively handmade product
  2. Fill out the form and answer Amazon ‘s questions about your business to prove that you are a qualified Handmade seller
  3. Decide how you want to execute your orders : With Amazon Handmade you have the possibility to use the Amazon FBA
    service which consists of sending your product to the nearest Amazon center,in this way your product becomes Prime eligible and therefore benefits from Amazon Prime servicesAmazon will then proceed to package and ship with each order you receiveInstead, you can also decide to ship orders alone or use the Amazon FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) service.
  4. Your customers will receive your beautiful handmade products and your business will continue to grow

Amazon Mechanical Turk


Amazon Mechanical Turk is Amazon ‘s crowsourcing platform that allows individuals and companies to easily outsource virtual tasks

Amazon Mechanical Turk could be a great tool to help you supplement your salary every month during your free time by doing some simple actions

The tasks on Amazon MTurk are called HITS : acronym for Human Intelligence

And they are basically micro tasks that can consist of identifying objects in videos or photos, or transcribing an audio file or searching for particular details in some file.

Mechanical turk offers millions of tasks available every day to allow you to find the ones that match your interest or expertise

you will be paid once the client has approved your work

and you will receive the payment either by bank transfer or through amazon vouchers

Making Money With Amazon FBA


Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon ) is Jeff Bezon’s service that gives you the opportunity to sell your products using Amazon ‘s logistics

great if you already have a series of products ready for sale or even better if you have a shop

thanks to Amazon FBA you will have the opportunity to focus exclusively on the most significant aspects of your products such as the quality or quantity of production

without having to worry about logistics and the problems that arise from it (shipping delays, storage spaces, goods organization, customer complaints etc …)

There are many benefits of the Amazon FBA service, especially in the case of the sale of physical products

Once your products are integrated into the Amazon system, they will immediately enjoy the immense visibility, popularity and reputation that the platform has

in addition, your customers will be able to find your products directly on the Amazon site and will be able to benefit from services such as Amazon gift vouchers that incentivize and favor purchases

Registering for Amazon FBA is very simple and after registering Amazon will ask you to choose the tariff plan that suits you:

  • BASIC PLAN : completely free , suitable for small traders and individuals without VAT number, limited to the sale of no more than 40 products per month
  • PRO PLAN : monthly cost $39 plus storage and shipping costs, sale of unlimited products

Subscription to Amazon FBA can be done through the Amazon Seller or Amazon Seller app available for Android devices on Google Play and for Apple devices in the Apple Store

Selling On Amazon


Amazon is the number one Ecommerce in the world and its strength lies in the fact that it has a catalog of millions of products and that everyone has found exactly what they need. 

by becoming an Amazon seller you can also distribute your products

the advantages you have by becoming an Amazon seller are:

  • the ability to use Amazon ‘s visibility which will allow you to offer your products to millions of people
  • the ability to easily sell your products across Europe  using Amazon sites and logistics in Europe
  • access to reports, graphs and statistics as well as all Amazon tools to improve your business

with a good product, a good supplier and detailed technical data sheets, well written and encouraging customers to buy , you can also increase your earnings as an Amazon seller

Sales can be managed via smartphone, there is the Amazon seller app (or Amazon Seller ), both for Android devices on Google Play (or Play store), and on Apple devices in the Apple store

Selling On Amazon Costs


Selling on Amazon has its costs:

  • $39 per month if you are a company with a VAT number
  • $0.99 for each item sold if you are a private individual without VAT number

In addition, you should know that there are 2 additional costs for Amazon sellers :

  1. REPORTING FEE : commission that sellers pay to Amazon for each product sold, applicable to all products and different depending on the product category
  2. CLOSING FEES : fees applicable only to certain product categories (books, music, DVDs, Videos, Video games …)

Selling on Amazon as a private individual without a VAT number

Yes, it is possible to sell on Amazon without a VAT number

Ehm Jean can you remind me what the VAT number is for?

Sure, many people forget it 🙂

The VAT number is the identification number of an activity that is used to pay value added taxes

if you have a business and sell products if required to have a VAT number

if you sell occasionally then you don’t need it

But let’s go back to talking about Amazon !!

You can sell on Amazon as a private individual and therefore without a VAT number , but in this case you must know that you are not considered as a professional seller 

therefore you will be able to sell products but not continuously and constantly over time

Amazon has a specific basic plan for non-VAT sellers

In this plan, you have the ability to sell a maximum of 40 items per month 

paying a commission of $0.99 on each product sold

But Jean, what is the difference between selling on Amazon and using the Amazon FBA service?

the difference between selling directly on Amazon and using the FBA service simply lies in the fact that in the first case you also distribute your products

you will take care of the management of your storage and shipments and logistics

the advantage of this management method is the total management of the logistics

while the disadvantage is that all this requires a lot more work 🙂

the choice is yours!!

Making money with Amazon Influencer

Amazon influencer is an Amazon program dedicated to content creators who constantly create online content

Amazon provides influencers with a showcase page where they can publish their content

mainly product lists, images and videos

the influencer has the task of presenting his products and promoting them to their audience in order to increase sales and earn online

Affiliate links allow sales tracking and the assignment of payments for each sale made by the influencer

To access the Amazon program, you must register. registration is done by sending the application to Amazon

the basic requirements are the possession of a Youtube channel, an Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok account


You have come to the conclusion of this article on ways to earn thanks to Jeff Bezos’ company

the flagship of Amazon is certainly logistics and being able to take advantage of such a functional and effective model is priceless

if you are pondering which of these methods to use my advice is always the same.


You must know that you can always go back but the experience you gain by TRYING is the thing that really makes all the difference

I hope I helped you with this article

leave me a comment if you liked the article

this will help me improve my content 🙂

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