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How to Write a Headline for Blog

in this article we will talk about how to write a headline for your article

what is the title of a blog article ?

The title of a blog article is the element that identifies and describes the topic covered in the article. 

the title is usually chosen based on the topic or content of the blog article and is generally captivating to attract readers

The blog title is characterized by approximately 65 characters and is located at the top of the article

as well as having a descriptive function it also has a website optimization function (SEO) in fact a good title can allow you to increase the visibility of your blog and place the article in the first pages of Google


the title of the blog article must pique the reader’s interest and force him to stop and read the content of the article

different strategies are used such as using titles with an emotional component 

Studies show that headlines that arouse emotions in readers have a higher click -through rate

How to choose the title for a blog?

to choose an effective title you have to test many titles and only then choose the one that is suitable for your article

in general the methodology in these cases is very simple

take a blank sheet of paper and write at least 15/20 titles that could be used for your article

try to write different titles that focus on a particular aspect:

for example: write a title for a guide , write a shocking title , write a title with a question etc.

try different types of titles and only finally choose the one that you think is most likely to be clicked by your readers

Here are the tips for choosing an effective title :

  • insert keywords in the title
  • stay under 65 characters
  • enter numbers
  • insert emotional sentences
  • Choose a title that reflects your topic
  • Use uppercase for keywords
  • Add Bonuses
  • Use “How, why and when”
  • Make a promise to the reader
  • Grab the reader’s attention
  • Choose a direct title
  • Choose a memorable title

10 types of captivating titles

there are types of titles to follow when you want to create a title for the blog article

knowing these types of allows you to save time when choosing the title

below you will find the list of the main types of blog titles

here is the list of the main types of securities

  • Computer scientist
  • guide
  • comparison
  • mysterious
  • shortage
  • list
  • percentage
  • the best way
  • social proof
  • curiosity

Computer title

the computer title is a type of title that focuses on the description of the article content, in the computer title the content of the article and the points that will be treated are very clear

Guide title

the guide title is a type of title that indicates the way in which certain actions will be carried out, this type of title can be found in the tutorial and the “how-to” articles

Comparison title

the comparison title is a type of title used for comparison articles , comparison or suggestions. Comparison titles are often used to promote products and sell through affiliates

Mysterious title

the secret title is a type of article that exploits the cognitive bias and the innate need that people have to try to unravel the mysteries, the mysterious titles have a good response in terms of the Click-through rate and work very well on social networks network

scarcity title

the title scarcity is a type of title that exploits a human cognitive bias that is that people give more value to products and services that are available for a limited time 

List title

the title list is a type of title in which the nature of the article is described, in this case it describes to the reader that the content of the article is a list of elements

Percentage title

the percentage title is a type of title that presents a percentage to the reader. This type of security is very effective because in general the percentages are easily manipulated, this allows you to magnify events

title “the best way”

the title “the best way” is a type of title widely used in affiliate marketing, this type of title aims to persuade the reader of a product or concept, widely used in sales

title social proof

the title social proof is a type of title that uses a human cognitive bias that consists in connecting a socially known and influential person to a product or service. This type of title is often used by influencers

title curiosity

the title curiosity is a type of title that uses curiosity as an engine to make the reader perform an action. This type of title is used by experienced copywriters and is very effective