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How to Sell Feet Pics

Selling foot photos is a form of direct e-commerce where individuals create and sell digital assets, in this case, foot photos, to a specific audience through online platforms.

This phenomenon fits into the broader context of the digital goods economy and can be analyzed using theories such as the “Digital Product Value Theory,” which explores how value is created and distributed in digital spaces.

Studies in this field include data analysis on sales, such as conversion rates, average order value, and cart abandonment rate, to better understand how to optimize earning potential.

Furthermore, selling foot photos is also seen as a form of microtransaction, where consumers pay small amounts for digital goods or services. The psychology of microtransactions has been extensively studied to understand consumer motivations.

For example, studies published in journals like the “Journal of Consumer Research” have examined the importance of factors such as convenience, anonymity, and specialization in these types of transactions. These researches provide insights into how to maximize the effectiveness of pricing and marketing strategies to increase online earnings.

The term to define people who enjoy viewing foot photos is paraphilia.

This trend has become so popular that we have seen the emergence of websites specialized in categorizing foot photos of internet celebrities and influencers.


How to Sell Foot Photos?

You can sell foot photos online through various websites and dedicated platforms such as Feetify and Feetfinder, as well as Stock Footage sites like Getty Images and iStock. Additionally, foot photos can also be sold on e-commerce sites like Etsy and Amazon.

There are platforms specialized in foot photos where it is easier to sell photos, but these platforms charge commissions, such as Instafeet and Feetfinder.

Meanwhile, foot photos can also be sold without any commission on social networks like Facebook and Instagram or other less specific platforms. Here is a diagram showing how to sell foot photos

here is the list of the best websites to sell foot photos:

  • OnlyFans
  • instafeet
  • feetfinder
  • Reddit
  • dollarfeet
  • feetify
  • feetpics
  • Shutterstock
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Etsy

Why Sell Foot Photos?

Users sell pictures of their feet online because it is a very simple and flexible way to earn extra money online

moreover, the data show that in recent years the demand for this type of content on the web has increased exponentially

increased demand and increased media exposure with articles by people earning money from this activity 

helped increase the popularity of the feet niche, which led to an increase in attendees 

only in Italy for the keywords: ” sell foot photos ” there are 1000 searches per month

Simply put, selling foot photos is a great way to make money online , plus there’s demand

How much can you earn by selling foot photos?

Selling the photos of the feet you can earn from $10-20 to $100 per single photo, in general the average price is $15-20 per photo

there is no fixed price, there are several variables that change the sale price of the photos

the factors that can change the selling price and your earnings can be your customers , your ability to negotiate, the quality of your photos etc.

in general for the photo of feet you can earn between $10 to $100

What to do to sell foot photos?

Before you start selling foot photos, you need to understand who your audience is and what kind of photos they are looking for

do you want to sell photos for the general public or do you want to sell photos for companies that deal with foot products?

you also need to know what are the factors that increase the likelihood that you will sell more photos and at a higher price

one of the first things you need to do is figure out who your customers are and which audience you are targeting

here is the type of people who buy pictures of feet:

  • users who are looking for artistic and quality photos
  • users who are looking for photos of any feet
  • users who are looking for fetish photos (for example photos very zoomed in on details of the feet)

you will also need equipment to take photos, for example a camera that allows you to take quality photos

there are several affordable cameras that allow you to take great photos and great videos

in addition to a good camera you will also need to have nice feet to show

feet are the main subject of your photos and the main reason why you should make some money so make sure you have attractive feet

Equipment For Selling Pictures Of Feet

the equipment for your business depends on how much you want to invest in this business

keep in mind that with a high-level equipment your products will have a higher quality, your photos will be more beautiful and the colors brighter which gives a higher value to your photos

here are some tips for your products:

  • Olympus OM-D camera
  • Nial Polish
  • pedicure kits
  • lights

How to Sell Foot Photos on Feetify

What is Feetify? is a very popular U.S.-based website that allows users to sell their foot photos.

On this platform, you can register on the site, post your foot photos, and people can purchase your foot photos in exchange for money.

In other words, Feetify is a website that connects people who love feet with models who sell their foot photos.

The website provides all the tools to facilitate the buying and selling of foot photos and helps you earn money online by selling foot photos.

The platform boasts a community of 182,000 active members.

The main competitors of Feetify are:

  • OnlyFans
  • MYM
  • DollarFeet

Many consider Feetify as equal to its competitors, but the real difference of this platform is the possibility of becoming a premium seller.

The premium account on Feetify allows you, following the payment of a monthly subscription, to have no commissions on earnings within the platform.

How to Register on Feetify

The steps for registration are very simple and free:

  • Go to
  • Click on “sign up”
  • Create your personal account
  • Enter your personal details
  • Upload your images

Earning with Feetify is an easy and straightforward process.

First, join the Feetify community and create your Feetify account.

The steps for creating your account are the common steps for opening an online account.

Once registered, you can start posting photos immediately using the tools provided by the platform.

In addition to your dashboard with your photos, you will also have the possibility of having a messaging chat that will allow you to communicate with your customers.

How Much Can You Earn with Feetify?

There is no specific answer to this question, as the earnings you can get from the platform depend on the price you will set for your photos.

Foot photos can be sold from 5 to 100 euros depending on the model, the quality of the photography, and the type of photography.

Remember that to sell photos at high prices, you will need to use marketing strategies and build your fame and personal brand online, just like influencers on classic social networks

How to Sell Foot Photos on MYM Fans?

What is MYM Fans?

MYM Fans is a content platform that connects fans with creators.

The acronym MYM stands for “Meet Your Model.”

MYM Fans provides creators with a platform to create content where fans can pay a monthly subscription to access these contents. The platform is user-friendly and ensures a great user experience.

Selling foot photos with MYM Fans is very straightforward. Once you have created your account according to the platform’s procedures and set the monthly rate that your fans must pay to access your contents,

you can start uploading your photos to your profile.

MYM Fans allows you to set a monthly subscription rate that can be between €9.99 and €49.99.

There are no price limits for private requests from your fans.

How to Register on MYM Fans?

Registering on the MYM Fans platform is very simple, anyone can register for free, and the only requirement is to be of legal age.

Here are the steps to register on the platform:

  • Go to the site:
  • Choose the method of registration (Google, Facebook, email)
  • Enter personal information
  • Access the dashboard

MYM Fans allows you to earn money by selling foot photos and is one of the best platforms because the commissions are low (10% commission).

Moreover, the platform uses advanced tools for the protection of the creators’ contents, ensuring that the photos published are not reusable without the consent of the creator.

Selling Foot Photos on Telegram

Selling foot photos on Telegram is a practice that falls within the context of earning money online through the commercialization of digital content. However, it’s important to note that this type of activity may involve ethical and legal issues, depending on local laws and platform policies.

In terms of earning potential, data shows that some sellers of foot photos on Telegram can achieve variable income based on their customer base and the quality of the photos offered. On average, some sources suggest that selling foot photos on Telegram can earn from $5 to $50 per photo, but these numbers can vary widely.

It’s crucial to consider the legal implications, privacy, and ethics of this type of activity before undertaking it and consult Telegram’s policies to ensure compliance with platform rules.

Selling Foot Photos on OnlyFans

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a paid content website operated by Tim Stokely. Content creators and internet celebrities can upload photos, videos, and blog posts and earn money from their followers through monthly subscriptions or payments for content.

OnlyFans gained great popularity during the pandemic, initially as a platform that allows the publication of explicit content.

However, with its growing popularity over the years, more and more creators and influencers have started joining the platform, making it more popular and with more generic content.

The sale of foot photos has found enormous success thanks to this platform, and more and more people have started to learn about this world and try to participate.

How to Sell Foot Photos on OnlyFans?

Selling foot photos is facilitated by the tools the platform provides to creators. Once you have created your account, you first need to decide whether to set a monthly subscription to access your content.

After choosing the type of subscription, OnlyFans allows you to set a price for private content you put on your profile.

The platform takes a 20% commission on your earnings, which is used to help you earn on the platform.

Be active on other social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and create general but suggestive content that can pique the curiosity of your followers.

You need to create desire on other social platforms and lead your followers to seek out your OnlyFans and subscribe to your account.

How much can you earn by selling foot photos on OnlyFans?

You can earn up to €30/40,000 per month.

According to data, users subscribed to OnlyFans and paying for at least one subscription number 170 million, while the creators are about 1.5 million.

Selling Foot Photos on Instagram

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-sharing social network that allows users to share photos and videos.

To sell foot photos on Instagram, you need to have an Instagram account where you upload content related to your feet.

Instagram is a social platform, so you need to keep your profile updated and upload new photos.

Instagram works with hashtags, and proper use of hashtags allows for greater visibility.

The bio description is also an important part not to be overlooked; try to be as clear as possible about the intention of your page.

This way, users can understand directly that you are on the platform to sell foot photos.

Include phrases like “DM me” in your description to encourage your followers to write to you to buy your foot photos.

Indirect Selling

Instagram can also be used as a means to sell photos that you have on other platforms.

Feetfinder and OnlyFans are the platforms that work best and where you can earn more money by selling foot photos.

To get your Instagram followers to your other platforms, use the links that appear under the Instagram description to insert links to your other platforms.

This way, your Instagram profile will serve to attract customers and create the desire in your customers to discover your other photos.

Upload daily non-explicit photos that leave your followers’ imagination and create a desire to see more.

To summarize,

To sell foot photos on Instagram, you need to follow these 5 steps:

  • Create an Instagram account for feet
  • Write your sales intentions in the description
  • Post captivating photos daily
  • Insert the link to external platforms
  • Use hashtags

Hashtags for Selling Foot Photos on Instagram

Here is the list of main English hashtags for selling foot photos:

#feet – 16,724,784 posts
#feetmodels – 584,161 posts
#feetofig – 388,513 posts
#feetgram – 360,352 posts
#prettyfeetgang – 357,140 posts
#feetofinsta – 203,331 posts
#feetpics – 197,601 posts

How to Sell Foot Photos on Snapchat

Snapchat is a multimedia photo and video sharing app created by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy at Stanford.

Snapchat is a bit different from more popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram, as its biggest difference is that your posts only stay active for 24 hours.

Signing up for Snapchat is very simple.

To register for Snapchat, follow these steps:

  • Download the app
  • Register a public account
  • Enter your personal information
  • Upload your photos/videos

Snapchat allows you to gain clients from all over the world and in any niche category.

The first step to selling foot photos on Snapchat is to build a following of followers. This can be done through classic marketing strategies and social account promotion.

Once you have established a solid base of followers, you can start focusing on the photos.

Generally, the photos published on Snapchat must be high quality, personalized, and create interest around your feet.

Don’t just limit yourself to posting photos, but offer an interactive experience to your readers, ask questions, run quizzes, publish polls, and try to keep your followers’ interest high.

Two Types of Snapchat Accounts

On Snapchat, you can create two types of accounts, a public account and a private account.

A public account is usually used for publishing entertainment content and for marketing purposes. The goal is to grow public interest in your page and then direct that audience to your private account.

The private account is where most of your more interesting and valuable content is found. In the public account, you will post photos that attract attention but do not fully show your feet, while in the private account, you will put the best foot photos you have.

Your private account should be a Premium account, which allows you to charge a monthly fee to access the content from €5 to €50.

Alternatively, you can set the transition from the public to the private account through the Fan Centro application.

Fan Centro allows you to monetize access to your social accounts.