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How To Make Money On Telegram: [9 Main Ways]

Making money on Telegram can be approached from multiple scientific perspectives. From a behavioral economics standpoint, it involves the application of principles that influence user behavior to optimize engagement and revenue generation.

This approach focuses on understanding cognitive biases, decision-making patterns, and emotional triggers of the Telegram user base. Key metrics in this model include “User Engagement Rate” and “Willingness to Pay,” and effectiveness is often gauged using A/B tests.

On the other hand, from a systems theory perspective, making money on

Telegram is seen as the creation of a self-sustaining, adaptive system that leverages network effects and feedback loops. In this model, each component such as content creation, user engagement, and monetization methods is interdependent and contributes to the overall system’s stability and profitability.

Key performance indicators here include “System Efficiency,” which is the ratio of output (revenue) to input (resources), and “Adaptability,” which measures the system’s ability to evolve with changing market conditions. Both approaches involve a rigorous, data-driven methodology for strategy formulation, execution, and optimization but focus on different facets of the revenue-generating process.

In this article i’m gonna show you how to earn money on telegram

Telegram is the social network that has been growing more and more in recent years

Telegram is a messaging app that stands out for the degree of privacy it is able to offer to its users.

The application can be installed on both Android mobile devices and Apple iPhone / iPad.

another thing that distinguishes it from its competitors is the ability to be used without having to enter your phone number

The application does not require further information from the user for registration and registration is free.

Can we earn money from Telegram?

Certainly, you can earn money on Telegram through various methods such as advertising, creating private channels with subscription fees, affiliate marketing, selling your own products or services, and even developing Telegram bots for sale.

The platform’s ability to support large groups and channels with unlimited subscribers makes it a viable option for monetization. The key to earning well is to have a substantial and engaged subscriber base, high-quality content, and a well-defined niche or focus for your channel.

How Telegram earn money?

Telegram primarily did not generate revenue, as the app was free for users and did not contain advertisements.

However, the platform’s founder, Pavel Durov, mentioned plans to start generating revenue for the platform to continue operating and expanding.

He indicated that the revenue model would be user-friendly and would primarily focus on introducing premium features for business teams or power users while keeping the basic functions free for regular users.

He also stated that they might introduce an ad platform for large public one-to-many channels, but it would be done in a non-intrusive way.

Specifics regarding this ad platform or the premium features are yet to be disclosed.

How many subscribers on telegram to get money?

To make money on Telegram, the number of subscribers you have can play a significant role, although there isn’t a specific number that guarantees income. Here are some key points to consider:

Monetization Methods:

  1. Advertising: If your channel has a large following, you can attract marketers who wish to advertise on it. You can sell advertising or paid posts to display on your channel.
  2. Private Channels: You can create a private channel and charge a fee for people to join it.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Promote products from companies like Amazon, eBay, and Apple. You earn a commission when someone purchases through your link.
  4. Selling Products or Services: If you have your own product or service, you can use Telegram to promote it.
  5. Creating Bots: If you have some technical skills, you can create bots for others and sell them.

Subscriber Count:

  • Telegram supports groups with up to 200K members, and channels can have unlimited subscribers.
  • The more subscribers you have, the more attractive your channel becomes for advertising and other monetization methods.

How To Make Money On Telegram Channel

There are basically 9 ways to make money on telegram:

  1. Telegram Affiliate Marketing
  2. Telegram Strategist Seller
  3. Sale of products received for free
  4. Affiliate programs
  5. Bot
  6. Sales groups
  7. Sale of advertising space
  8. Private Groups
  9. Telegram Channel

in all the cases the main thing you will have to do to make money on Telegram is to create a public Telegram channel.

I do not go into the steps for creating a channel because it is not the goal of this article (however, you will find many tutorials on the web)

you can make money with Telegram both on the public channel and on sales groups.

the most interesting method of earning on Telegram among those listed above is certainly affiliation

and in a few lines you will find out why 🙂

Here Below a table with the characteristics of the methods to earn on Telegram:

Method Characteristics
Telegram Affiliate Marketing Promote products from companies like Amazon, eBay, and Apple. Earn a commission when someone purchases through your link.
Telegram Strategist Seller A course that teaches you how to build an automatic business to make money with Telegram.
Sale of Products Received for Free Sell products that you have received for free, particularly from Amazon.
Affiliate Programs Use affiliate programs from various companies to earn commissions.
Bot Sales Groups If you have technical skills, you can create bots for others and sell them.
Sale of Advertising Space If your channel has a large following, you can sell advertising space.
Private Groups Create a private channel and charge a fee for people to join it.
Telegram and Amazon Combine Amazon’s affiliate program with Telegram for increased earnings.
Use of Bots Automate actions like replies to subscribers or publication of ads.
Channel Sale Sell your Telegram channel; the price is related to the size of the group and user engagement.
Paid Subscription Charge users for access to premium content.

How to create a Telegram Channel

Creating and monetizing a Telegram channel involves several steps. Firstly, you need to create the channel on the Telegram app, adding an appropriate name, description, and avatar.

the description for your telegram channel has to be related to the main topic of your channel

You can choose to make your channel public or private, depending on your preferences. Once your channel is created, you can start growing your community by sharing valuable and engaging content that attracts subscribers.

The larger your community, the better opportunities you’ll have for monetization. You can monetize your channel by partnering with businesses for sponsored posts, promoting affiliate products, or selling your own products or services. In the future, Telegram may implement an ad platform for public channels or introduce premium features, which could provide additional revenue-generating opportunities.

Telegram Channel list

some of the widely popular Telegram channels spanned various categories, such as news, technology, education, entertainment, and cryptocurrency.

Here my personal Top 5 Telegram channels:

  1. The New York Times: This channel provides the latest news and updates from the New York Times, one of the leading newspapers in the world.
  2. Tech Guide: This channel provides the latest news, updates, tips, and tricks in the world of technology.
  3. Duolingo: This channel provides language learning tips and resources for a wide range of languages.
  4. MovieSeriesGallery: A place to get the latest updates about movies and TV shows, including trailers, reviews, and more.
  5. Crypto World News: This channel offers the latest news and updates in the world of cryptocurrencies.

1.Telegram Affiliate Marketing

Telegram Affiliate marketing is the course that teaches you how to make money on Telegram in a passive way

What does it mean in a passive way?

it means forgetting the old way of making money which is to exchange your time for money, This is a Telegram monetization strategy that allows you to have most of your time free from work

and learn the new way of earning used by entrepreneurs like Aranzulla, digital nomads and influencers

which consists of separating your time from your earnings

learn to earn by staying free from work to have more time to live your life

2.Telegram Strategist Seller

Telegram strategist seller is an extremely complete course that allows you to build an automatic business to make money on Telegram

in this course you will not only learn methods ready to be used immediately to make money with Telegram
but you will learn the most important skill for making money online: The art of Selling

Strategist Seller means “Strategist Seller”

Have you ever wondered why some people online earn so much and seem to have no trouble making money?

the answer is: a mix of strategy and psychology plus building automated businesses

The course has as its number one goal to teach you a system based on strategy and psychology used by 90% of successful entrepreneurs

Telegram strategist seller is the course in which you will find the system for Strategist Seller and learn a skill that will allow you to increase your monthly income

in addition, within the course you will find downloadable documents as well as 11 links to private Telegram channels with limited access
the course will explain step by step how it is possible to earn with these 11 private channels and create an automatic business capable of generating constant monthly income

the course not only gives you a method to make money on Telegram but gives you the fundamental techniques used by digital entrepreneurs (mental packaging, Lean method, Frame effect etc)

There are many methods to make money online but the basic rules are few

3.Sale Free Products

A very popular way to make money on Telegram right now is to sell products received for free from Amazon on Telegram
after you have created your Telegram channel and grown it organically

choose one of the different ways to receive the different products for free from Amazon
the way I suggest you is without a doubt with AMAZON POWER
which is by far the best way to get free products once you have received your products for free, all you have to do is sell them on your Telegram channel

manage the sale and collect the earnings !!

4.Make Money With Affiliate Programs

the most interesting and also the most common earning method on Telegram is the use of affiliate programs

Affiliate programs allow you to sell one or more products from other companies and receive a commission in return

Affiliation is an excellent way to make money online the best way to make money on Telegram with affiliate products is to create your own Telegram channel

once you have created your Telegram channel (public of course) your goal is to populate it with your followers, readers, aficionados, fans….

Simply all people likely to be interested in your products after you’ve populated your channel, commit to growing it organically (naturally without using tricks)

filling the channel with useful information and trying to give maximum value to your subscribers

finally, after you have created value on your channel, you can propose the products you use, of which you are satisfied and of which you have the affiliate link to your subscribers

who will not wait to buy the products suggested by you !! the best affiliate program to use with Telegram is without a doubt the Amazon affiliate program

in addition to the Amazon affiliate program, there are several programs that can make you money on Telegram

  • Amazon
  • Skyscanner
  • Apple
  • Ebay
  • Ticketone

5.Make Money On Telegram and Amazon

Telegram and Amazon are an exceptional combination !!

but before you can make money on this combination you will need to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program

the Amazon affiliate program allows you to sell products and earn a commission from them

affiliation is one of the best ways to make money with Amazon and integrating it with a Telegram strategy can really give incredible results

REMEMBER: Amazon links have 24-hour visibility which means that when your Telegram subscriber clicks on your affiliate link

this gives you the right to receive a commission on everything he buys in these 24 hours

and this is great 🙂

the commissions change from one article to another, from the type of product and its category -> click here to learn more

 IMPORTANT: Ebay also has an affiliate program similar to Amazon’s

Ebay’s affiliate program is called Ebay partner network

and allows you to promote all the products available on the platform through links that are valid for 24 hours just like those of Amazon


6.How To Sell On Telegram

There are basically 2 ways to sell on Telegram:

  1. Bot
  2. Gruppi di vendita

Bots allow you to automate some actions on telegram, such as replies to your subscribers or the publication of ads and their main goal is to make your life easier by taking away all the repetitive boring actions of your business
there are many parameters that a bot can change such as the times of publication of the ads or the frequency of publication (daily, weekly and monthly)

with bots you have the possibility to publish ads regarding your products (if you have any) or affiliate ads regarding other products

for example Amazon affiliate links

sales groups are Telegram channels with different subscribers and where you can publish your ads to other individuals

there are so many groups on Telegram specialized in buying and selling where you can place your ads

Advertisements where you will put photos of your item, its description, price and your phone number or email address

extremely useful to be contacted;)
a fairly famous channel on Telegram is @Vendocomproscambio
I suggest you take a tour to see what it is

7.Sale of Advertising Space

There are no paid advertising on Telegram yet but the different marketers on the web always need to promote their channels to grow their audience and sell their services.

so one way to earn money thanks to Telegram is to advertise the channels of other users and companies in your Telegram channel in exchange for remuneration
In this case, be sure to only promote channels that you know, trustworthy and related to your niche otherwise you risk ruining your reputation

8.Paid Groups

Another way to monetize your Telegram channel is to charge for access to your private group
It usually works like this, first you have to create a public Telegram channel (or even a group on some social network) where you provide your subscribers with extremely valuable content.

then you have to create another channel where users can have access to your premium content only in exchange for paying the cost of access
many groups have this mode of operation which can prove to be really profitable

9.Make Money On Telegram Channels

To earn with Telegram channels you intend to earn through the groups that can be created on the platform

the peculiarity of Telegram channels is that only the channel administrator has the right to publish posts, messages, images, etc.

Here are the 4 ways to earn with Telegram channels:

  • Sale of products and Services
  • Sale of advertising space
  • Paid subscription
  • Channel sale

1.Sale of products and services

The sale of products and services is the first method to consider if you want to make money on Telegram whether you are a private individual or a company consider promoting your products on Telegram

Telegram is a platform that has a high engagement rate
the platform was born as an instant messaging tool so users are much more receptive to the contents of the platform

take advantage of this feature to sell your programs and services
in case you don’t have any products to sell, sign up for major affiliate programs like Amazon and start promoting products from other brands

2.Sale of advertising space

the sale of advertising space consists of selling advertising space to other companies or other brands
in these spaces, companies will be able to promote themselves and propose their products to your audience

as you may have guessed, the value of your advertising space will depend on the size of your audience
make sure you have a good following of subscribers on your channel before selling advertising

3.Paid subscription

The paid subscription means the payment by the user of a fee for access to premium content 
having two Telegram channels in this case can help the strategy 

one channel will be used to subscribe the largest number of users while the second channel will be used for premium content 
the subscription price is at your discretion, you can decide whether to charge an entrance fee or a monthly fee

4.Channel sale

In some cases, selling a Telegram channel may be the best solution 
the transfer of ownership of a Telegram channel is a very profitable operation 

Telegram channels can sell for between € 50 and € 5000, the sale price is related to the size of the group and user engagement.

Below is a video that explains how to earn money with Telegram: