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How To Make Money Blogging: [The 6 Most Effective Methods]

Hi you! 🙂

Let me guess…

You have a blog (or are you planning to open one)

and today you too have asked yourself the question of questions:

“But is it possible to make money with a blog and make this activity my main source of income ???”

after spending half a second thinking about it and finding no answer

you have decided to ask that person who has all the answers in the world


and after a few clicks left and right you ended up on this article 🙂

I introduce myself, I am Jean and I will be with the help of this article to explain to you how to make money blogging

Follow me:)

Many people are interested in knowing how to make money with a blog and what are the most effective strategies for making money with a blog

Here is the list of the 6 best ways to make money with a blog:

  1. Advertising banners
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. Selling Online Courses
  5. Selling Digital Products
  6. Selling Consulting Services

Make Money With Advertising Banners

One of the simplest and most passive ways to earn money with your blog is through advertising.

To do this you will need to subscribe to sites managed by advertising companies

(the so-called advertising networks) which aim to bring bloggers together with companies that want to advertise

the most famous advertising networks are Google Adsense, MediaVine, or Adthrive

the first option for all novice bloggers is undoubtedly Google Adsense

and often the first option that bloggers try because it is free and unlike the other two it does not require any traffic requirements to subscribe

Display ads are one of the most common ways to put advertising on your site , in fact, once you add the banner , you receive payment from the companies that “take advantage” of your traffic to increase their visibility.

PS : Mediavine requires monthly traffic of 30,000 monthly views or 25,000 monthly sessions

while AdThrive which is a high-level network requires a traffic of 100 000 monthly visits

Advertising Banners: Pros and Cons


  • PASSIVE : banner ads are simple to use and entirely passive , which means that once set up on your blog you don’t have to do anything

    else . you earn extra money for sure, your only concern is to always get traffic
  • EARNING WITH COLD TRAFFIC : What does it mean to earn with cold traffic? it means that you can earn money with users who do not know you and who are not your readers
  • + TRAFFIC = + MONEY : You just need to learn how to increase your site traffic to automatically increase your earnings
  • FLEXIBLE: You have total control over where to put the advertisements on your site


  • BAD USER EXPERIENCE: No one likes advertisements, let’s talk clearly;

    A lot of advertisements on a single page can disturb the reader from your content and in some cases cause them to leave the

    site.Also too many advertisements can cause your site to slow down and therefore increase the likelihood that people are not on your site

  • YOU NEED A GOOD ADVERTISING NETWORK: Online advertising companies take care of helping you to put banners and other advertisements on your site and to optimize everything,

    having a good network allows you not to decrease the performance of your site despite banners

  • ARE ASSOCIATED WITH SPAM: Sites with a lot of advertisements are often associated with spam, in simple words a user will tend not to trust a site filled with advertisements

  • LOW CONVERSION RATE: If you have products you want to promote and sell your conversion rate can drop due to ads on your site

  • SLOWLY OF THE SITE: The loading of the ads requires a lot of resources to your site that is why a logical consequence of adding ads is the slowdown of your site

Advertising Banner Examples

Banner ads are a widely used form of advertising in the web world

these banners offer guarantees in terms of visibility and targeting of the public

in fact, each user will see in the banner an advertisement inherent to his profile , increasing the chances of making a conversion

Here are some examples of banners :


Making Money With Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate is a very common and popular way (and also one of my favorite ways) of making money blogging

Jean what is affiliation?

affiliation is when you become a partner with a brand or company and in the simplest but most effective way possible you help them promote their products and services to an ever-increasing audience

once you have signed up for the affiliate service you will receive a personal link that you will have to put on your site when you talk about the product

when your readers click on the link and buy the product you will receive a commission

There are a myriad of affiliate networks ( Impact, Igain, Flexofferts, shareAsale, MAxbounty )

once you are accepted into one of these networks you will have a thousand brands to choose from to partner with

Promoting third-party products is a great option for novice bloggers who want to create their own product in the future

affiliate marketing teaches you to sell other people’s products, a high-level skill, but not at all simple but that if handled can change your life

one of the secrets of affiliate marketing is choosing a few products to sell and regularly promoting them to your readers

Affiliate Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages


  • YOU CAN START NOW : Just sign up for an affiliate program to start selling and promoting products from other brands, membership is free so you can really start right away

  • TEACHES YOU HOW TO SELL: Selling products from other brands allows you to learn different sales techniques and to do a little practice in selling, this will allow you when you have a product of your own to sell to be already more experienced

  • WORK WITH YOUR FAVORITE BRANDS: One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that it allows you to work with your favorite brands, brands that you already use and that you like to talk about and promote.

  • IT COST NOTHING : it costs nothing, signing up for affiliate programs is free

  • YOU DON’T HAVE TO MANAGE CUSTOMER SERVICE : This is totally managed by the brand partner

  • PASSIVE EARNINGS: When you have good traffic arriving on an article where you have an affiliate strategy

    , this becomes practically passive earnings because once set up you will not have to do anything anymore and this article will continue to generate income for you

  • THERE IS NO MAXIMUM PROFIT CAP: once you have been successful with an affiliate program you can try a thousand others without any limit


  • YOU NEED HOT TRAFFIC : You can’t just create an article with affiliate links that have nothing to do with your reader, 

    posting affiliate links on Facebook and Twitter doesn’t work, your audience has to trust you a little
  • YOU NEED A LOT OF TRAFFIC: The conversion rate of affiliate links is not that high so you usually need a lot of traffic, or a hot audience that trusts you

  • YOU DO NOT HAVE CONTROL OVER THE PROGRAM: Brands can change the affiliate program, they can change the links, they can decrease the commissions or in the worst case they can close the affiliate program and this without you being able to say anything

  • EARN A PERCENTAGE OF THE PRODUCT PRICE: Earning with affiliations is a great way to earn money but if you want to earn more you will have to think about creating and selling your own product

  • HIGH COMPETITION : Since so many bloggers advertise the same products, this creates a great competition and to be able to sell in such a context you will have to be able to differentiate yourself from the crowd

Make Money With Sponsored Posts


We talk about sponsored posts (or sponsored articles) when a brand contacts you to request a collaboration

during the first months of the life of your blog the opportunities to have sponsorship contracts will be very few , this is because you are a novice and have little traffic on your site

but once you have increased your traffic the opportunities for collaborating will increase and consequently the earnings you can receive with this method will also increase

lately another name is used to call sponsored articles: Micro influencer marketing

ehh even bloggers are starting to become influencers

companies have realized that paying large sums for advertising on TV or radio is no longer the most effective solution

and that investing in bloggers or social media influencers with large communities is much more convenient


  • BIG EARNINGS: you are paid $100/150 to write an article where you talk about a certain product or brand, an article that you probably would have written the same, so great earnings with very little effort
  • WORK WITH YOUR FAVORITE BRANDS:  Just like affiliate marketing you have the power to choose with us to work with
  • THERE ARE MANY OPPORTUNITIES: because companies have understood that selling through influencers or bloggers is much more effective
  • YOU CAN START NOW: it doesn’t matter if your blog is at the beginning, if some company likes you you will be contacted


  • YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL: Companies will be able to give you directives on how to talk about their product but you have total control of what you publish on your blog


  • YOU MUST PERFORM: your post will be judged by the sponsor and if you have not done enough work they may decide not to work with you anymore

  • IT CAN BE A ONE-TIME SPONSORSHIP:  The goal is to create a long-term relationship with these companies but it is not guaranteed

  • EARNINGS NOT GUARANTEED EVERY MONTH: Sponsored posts are paid well but are not guaranteed every month

Make Money With Online Courses


Selling online courses or selling digital products are other excellent ways to make money with a blog

if you are a novice and you have just bought hosting and domain I do not recommend this method

selling online courses or digital products requires a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of technical skills

there are so many bloggers who make incredible money with digital products and what I think is that every blogger ,

having reached the stability of its site and reached a certain maturity online , it MUST create its own digital product to move up to higher speed

when I say “digital products” I include: courses, Ebooks, themes and templates, courses via Email, software, etc …

all products that can be sold directly from your blog

digital products are the category that will make you make the leap in terms of earnings

the advantage of digital products is that since they are your products, you have the freedom to choose the price and keep all the profit for you as opposed to affiliate marketing

in fact, affiliate marketing allows you to earn only a percentage of the price of the product

digital products are by far the best method to make big profits, to be followed only once you have reached a good number of readers and that you have created a good experience in the world of blogging


  • YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER YOUR PRODUCT: Being your product, you have control over everything, you have control over the price, the platform where to create it, the contents and the profit margins

  • THERE IS NO PROFIT LIMIT: the only limit there is is your desire to earn
  • FUN TO CREATE: Creating a course according to your style and according to your working methodology can be a really fun and creative job

  • UNLIMITED OPTIONS: You can create courses on any topic where you consider yourself an expert, there are no limits

  • LITTLE COMPETITION: Your product is unique in the market and thanks to its uniqueness the competition will be very low

  • PASSIVE EARNINGS: Once you have created your course and advertised, this same course will continue to generate income for you without needing you to spend any more time on it

  • SELL BY AFFILIATION: You can create an affiliate program that allows other people to earn a percentage every time they manage to sell your course


  • YOU MUST BE AN EXPERT: Don’t mess around! to create a course you have to be credible and to be credible you have to be an expert in your niche

  • YOU NEED HOT TRAFFIC: Your readers need to be interested in your course and niche

  • IT REQUIRES A LOT OF TIME, ENERGY AND RESOURCES: Creating a course requires a lot of time to prepare and organize the content, a lot of resources, software, material, etc. and a lot of energy to put everything together

  • A GREAT LEARNING CURVE: Creating courses is a skill that requires a lot of time and a lot of skills to be mastered 100%

  • RISK OF A FLOP PRODUCT: The biggest risk of creating a course is to create a course that nobody wants to buy, to avoid this remember to do A / B tests to reduce this risk before putting your course online

  • REQUIRES CUSTOMER SERVICE: The sale of a course requires customer service in case your customers find it difficult to buy or use your product

  • REQUIRES THE CREATION OF A FUNNEL: Like any product to be sold, the courses also require the creation of a sales funnel, more or less long funnel depending on the course to accompany readers to purchase

Earning With Digital Products

Selling digital products (or physical products) has the same issues as selling online courses ( see above ) except for a few points

I do not re-analyze every point for and against but I leave you the table below and I invite you to reread the previous paragraph if you want the details of the different points

Earning With Consulting Services

you have already heard of freelancing, social media management, proofreading, coaching, mentorship etc,

these are all services that you can offer thanks to your blog

in fact, after you have created your experience in the digital world, you will be able to sell the skills you have learned along your path and be paid to teach them to novice bloggers or to companies that want to increase their online presence


In conclusion we have seen in this article the best ways to make money with a blog:

  • Advertising banners
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Sale of online courses
  • Sale of digital products

Tell me below which of these methods you use, which you prefer or which of these you would like me to investigate more

I want to remind you one thing before I leave, there are other ways that I have not mentioned above to make money with a blog 🙂

Blogs have truly huge and limitless potential

I think and affirm that opening a blog in an increasingly digitized society like ours is the best investment we can make today in 202 2

I hope this article was useful for you 🙂


your friend Jean