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How To Make an Extra $300 a Month: [9 Best Ways]

in this article we see how to make an extra $300 a month, earning online is a path that more and more people have started to take

unemployment problems in Italy and the difficulty in finding well-paid jobs are the causes that push young Italians to look for extra earnings online

in this article we are going to see which are the most popular online activities to earn extra money

here is the list of 9 ways to earn 300 euros per month:

  1. Amazon Domination Formula
  2. affiliate marketing
  3. Create a blog
  4. online selling
  5. Online surveys
  6. Online trading
  7. Online poker
  8. AirBnb
  9. Digital products

Amazon Domination Formula


Amazon Domination Formula is the video course that teaches you how to make money by selling Amazon products

the distinctive feature of this video course is that it teaches you to receive products for free from Amazon retailers and sell them in order to earn money without having to invest any money

Amazon is an innovative method still little known in Italy

Amazon Domination Formula is ideal for users who want to use the web to supplement their salary and earn extra money

for more information I recommend reading this article :  Amazon Domination Formula

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Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing is one of the most effective and popular ways to make money online 

affiliate marketing (or affiliation) consists of an affiliate who, in collaboration with companies and brands, deals with the promotion of products

every time a product is sold through its promotion work, the affiliate receives a commission proportional to the value of the product

the affiliate can work in the ways he prefers and can operate his promotional activities through social networks ( Facebook , Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter) or through the creation of websites or blogs


becoming an affiliate marketer is extremely simple

the first step to become an affiliate is to sign up for an affiliate program, then you will be given an identifier and the affiliate links to use to sell the products

the steps to earn with affiliations are:

  • Choose a product
  • Choose the affiliate program
  • Create the affiliate campaign
  • Create the campaign content
  • Determine the type of content

I started earning online with affiliate marketing and I still continue to earn automatically every month in a totally passive way

to learn how to sell in affiliates I recommend the study of my online course

for more information access the course: Affiliate Marketing School

Create a blog

The blog is known as the personal space on the web where you can share your thoughts

actually blogging is an excellent method to earn money, in fact some blogs on the web are created only to earn: the so-called money blog

are often those blogs that show up that so many advertisements

the money blogs in short are blogs that have the sole objective of monetizing content and earning online

more and more people are opening blogs just to earn and the bloggers’ earnings with this type of blog are so many

I just tell you that there are bloggers who have become millionaires only thanks to a blog

Ps: for more information I leave you reading this preparatory article : [ How to create a blog 2022 ]

Online selling

selling is probably one of the best ways to make a lot of money fast online

selling is one of the fundamental skills online and if you notice all the people who make a lot of money online have this skill in common

the ability to see themselves as a personal brand or the ability to sell the products that revolve around their business

Selling is a very general term in fact you can really sell in many ways and you can sell an infinite number of things but the ability to sell is a very important high skill, highly sought after and above all very remunerated.

it is no coincidence that the richest people in the world are entrepreneurs who sell a service or a product to many people

Jeff Bezos sells everything on Amazon, Elon Musk sells Tesla, Bill Gates sells Microsoft to everyone 

If I had to advise you on a skill to improve and perfect then I would tell you online sales (obviously;)), training, courses, ebooks etc ..

learn how to sell online and I assure you that you will never regret this decision

learn about your customers, your audience and your readers understand what problems they have and sell the solution to their problems in the form of a product or service

there are mainly two ways of selling online:

  • E-commerce : Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce
  • Marketplace: eBay, Amazon, AliExpress

the best solution is to create your own e-commerce with your products , an e-commerce increases the perceived value of your brand and differentiates you from the competition

there are several online courses that can teach you how to create an e-commerce ,

the ability to sell more a well structured e-commerce can initially earn you 300 euros per month but once you become an expert 

you will no longer have earning limits

Online surveys

online surveys are an online survey method used by many research institutes and large brands that allows them to collect information from customers, 

in order to better understand the needs and desires of their audience in order to create targeted products and services capable of solving customer problems

brands use surveys to do market research and obtain reliable data to use when designing products in exchange for a small fee

online surveys therefore allow users to earn small amounts of money, gifts or gift certificates in exchange for completing various surveys

the registration is very simple

The easiest way to make money from surveys is to sign up for different survey websites

There are several websites that allow you to carry out surveys, here are some:

  • opinion center
  • Mysurvey
  • High opinion
  • World opinion
  • nextplora
  • Google opinion reward

to register you will need to fill in the with your personal information and your current work situation

Online trading

Online trading is a popular investment method accessible to everyone on the web, this method allows everyone to enter the financial market and invest in financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities and more.

online trading also known by the acronym TOL took hold among web users in the 2000s and had great success for two main reasons

  • the democratization of investments
  • the cost of low commissions

there are online platforms that allow you to buy and sell financial instruments 

the most popular online trading platforms are:

  • eToro
  • Plus500
  • AvaTrade
  • IQ Option

online trading allows you to make money online but it is a method that has risks if you are not prepared

if you are a beginner make sure to follow the paths of the online trading courses to understand the dynamics of the market and the technicalities

moreover, online trading platforms allow you to use demo accounts with virtual money to be able to train and learn how to operate in the market

There are several scams in the world of online trading so make sure you only work with companies that are CONSOB regulated

Online poker

Online poker is a card game played in a virtual room based on the competition between the players in which after the distribution of the hole cards the winner is determined by the player with the higher card value

there are several websites that allow you to play online poker, some are free and some are paid and each platform has different game options to earn 

the best online poker websites are:

  • 888poker
  • SNAI
  • AdmiralBet
  • Giocodigitale
  • Eurobet


Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects homeowners to guests who want to stay in their homes


the platform allows homeowners to earn extra money by renting their home or part of their home to tourists

the extremely safe and reliable platform has had great success in recent years and has allowed Italians registered on the platform to have an average income of $2284 / year

Digital products

Digital products are files created digitally, which can be downloaded via an internet connection and which can be sold online

they are for example: music files, videos, ebooks, games and online courses

the advantage of digital products is the reduction of product production costs and distribution costs

warehouse and logistics are important costs in the management of an activity, digital products allow you to eliminate these costs and consequently increase the profit margins per product

online courses are one of the digital products that is having great success, market trend data says that the value of the online courses market will reach $325 million by 2025