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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest

Hi you 🙂

In this article I want to talk to you about how to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest 

Pinterest is definitely one of those platforms that are extremely underrated by many bloggers

getting people to your blog is not easy and if you have a blog you know exactly what I’m talking about especially if you don’t want to pay for paid traffic

credit: Pinterest

In the lines below I will tell you about how to increase blog visits thanks to Pinterest

Here are 7 ways to increase blog visits with Pinterest :

  • Do Keyword Research
  • Include keywords in the title of your Pin
  • Include keywords in your board titles
  • Match your items with your pins
  • Create eye-catching pins
  • Apply the Rich pins

Do Keyword Research

if this word is not new to you, it means that you have already done Keyword research with your content in search engines

but in case you don’t know it, keyword research is the process of searching for the most popular search engine terms and including these terms in your strategy and content in order to create relevant content that appears in the top positions of search results

Fortunately, Pinterest ‘s keyword search is simpler than Google’s, and this is because Pinterest ‘s algorithm takes into consideration far fewer factors than Google.

Here is how you can search for keywords on Pinterest :

  1. Pinterest search bar

Just like in the Google search bar once you start typing a few words in the Pinterest search bar

the latter will auto-complete your search by offering you the most sought-after search keywords

  1. Explore Pinterest

Explore Pinterest gives you a number of Topics and Keywords that are popular at that time on the platform also this tool can give you some great ideas for creating content for Pinterest

after you have clicked on one of these topics the platform will show you the things that are trending for certain topics and the most consumed content and that work the most

Include keywords in your pin titles and descriptions

After you have finished the Pinterest keyword search, what you need to do is insert these keywords in the titles and descriptions of your pins so that the search engine can more easily propose your content to people who are looking for that topic.

To optimize your pin you need to:

  • Add the main keyword in the title and description
  • Add the main keyword in your images
  • Include related keywords in the description of your pin
  • Also include relevant hashtags

Use keywords in the titles of your boards

On Pinterest users can choose to search for boards to follow, so it is important that you include your keywords in the descriptions and titles of your boards as well.

the same rules that you must use to optimize your pins are also applicable for the optimization of the boards with the difference that the board does not require the insertion of hashtags

Match your pin to your blog title

Pinterest has improved tremendously in the past few years

The platform manages to check your blog and analyze it to tell when it is consistent with your pin

what Pinterest wants to avoid is that users who click on a certain content are taken to a page that talks about something else 

so be sure to write articles in line with the pins you will post to increase visits to the blog

Create curiosity in your pins

One of the ways to increase the click-through rate of your blog (Click through rate, CTR) is to create content that arouses the curiosity of your readers thanks to captivating headlines and images that catch the eye.

Attracting attention is primal in the interconnected and over-informed world where we live

other platforms require you to create content that grabs the attention of your readers and in general all your content needs to be engaging 

do not forget this point while creating your content to avoid the risk of creating content that does not intrigue anyone

Apply rich pins

rich pins are pins that automatically take information from your blog and associate them with your content in order to enrich the information present (hence the name Rich pin)

this allows users to see extra packets of information for each pin which leads to increased click-through rates (CTR)

also a Rich pin since it synchronizes the information of your blog with that of your pin every time you make changes on your blog these changes are applied to your pin automatically

types of Pinterest Rich pins

  • Rich pin articles. These show the title of the article, the meta description, the author of the article
  • Rich pin recipe. This shows the titles, portions, cooking times, ingredients list etc.
  • Rich product pin. This associates a pin to the product page, with information on product availability and price
  • Rich pin app. This pin brings up a button to install the app so that users can download the app without leaving Pinterest

Why use Pinterest to increase blog visits

Pinterest is something you should definitely consider in your strategy and this for a very clear reason

1- Pinterest is a search engine

many people think that Pinterest is a social network but they are very wrong

Pinterest is a search engine , 

this means that when you post content on Pinterest it doesn’t disappear overnight

but they rank and continue to live in Pinterest ‘s search results just like an article on Google

and therefore these contents will continue to always bring you visits

here is the power of Pinterest 

this is also the main difference between social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where the average life span of your post is a few hours before getting lost in the depths of the social network 

2- On Pinterest it is easy to position yourself in the search results 

Pinterest ‘s algorithm isn’t as advanced as Google’s and this makes it much easier to rank in the top search results

3-the public on Pinterest is inclined to spend money

47% of Pinterest users are more likely to make a purchase than on other platforms 

in fact, according to Statista , only 15% of Facebook users and 11% of users on Instagram are ready to make a purchase once they have entered the platform