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How to Get Free Products to Resell

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In this article I will explain how to get free products to resell from Amazon , this article is chronologically the next step after receiving free products from Amazon

so I recommend reading this article only after reading: How To Receive Free Products From Amazon

Let’s begin…

After receiving the free products from Amazon, the main way to earn money from these products is to sell them online

The best platforms to sell products received for free online are:

  3. Facebook Marketplace
  4. Shopify
  5. Amazon

The step-by-step sales process is explained in the Amazon Domination Formula video course

to learn more I recommend reading the article: Amazon Domination Formula: Start Earning Online

1-Selling online with eBay

eBay is one of the largest and most popular sales websites on the net, eBay allows you to sell your new and used products online in different ways (fixed price, dynamic price, online auctions, etc.)

All buying and selling operations are done through the PayPal platform

The advantages of eBay

Here is the list of the main advantages of eBay

  • The number of active users is huge
  • you can sell products with a fixed price or you can do online auctions
  • eBay provides you with great tools for managing your inventory

The disadvantages of eBay

Here is the list of the main disadvantages of eBay

  • It is a very competitive marketplace
  • Your success depends a lot on the ratings and reviews you receive from your customers
  • eBay fees vary by product category

2-Sell online with is an Italian site of used products and a platform that allows you to create ads to sell online. users are not very inclined to use online payment methods while it is easier to sell with cash payment

The advantages of

  • Intuitive interface
  • Greater dialogue between buyer and seller
  • There are no commissions

The disadvantages of

  • Possibility of scams
  • Outrageous Customer Service

3-Selling online with Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is Facebook’s software that manages online sales. Very simple and intuitive software with a Geo localization system that offers you the best deals from users who live near you

The benefits of Facebook Marketplace

  • Very simple sales method
  • Hugely populated marketplace
  • Quick and easy communication with sellers

The disadvantages of Facebook Marketplace

  • Possibility of scams (Facebook does not check products )
  • Facebook does not offer any digital means of payment

4-Selling online with Shopify

Another effective way to sell products online is to use specific software like Shopify

Shopify is one of the best platforms for selling online and has everything you need to optimize your sales

not for other reasons it is the preferred tool of the best E-commerce

The advantages of Shopify

Here is the list of the main advantages of Shopify

  • Platform created to maximize your online earnings
  • Perfect for selling digital and physical products
  • the platform helps you with the management of your inventory
  • you can add advanced features and themes to your store

The advantages of Shopify

Here is the list of the main disadvantages of Shopify

  • The list of free themes is limited
  • paying a fee for using the Shopify payment method
  • very limited SEO optimization

5-Selling online with Amazon

Amazon could not be missing from our list, one of the largest online sales platforms in the world

In Amazon there are many private stores where products are sold online

PS: Excellent sales platform for electronic products , books, games and toys

The advantages of Amazon

  • You can use the Amazon FBA service and no longer have to manage your logistics
  • you can track your sales
  • all sellers are verified so users buy with ease

The disadvantages of Amazon

  • Very high competition
  • In certain categories you compete directly with Amazon
  • Great standards of quality and service are required
  • Fees payable to Amazon