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How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Hi you! 🙂

Today I will talk to you about a subject little known to the general public: How to get free Amazon gift card

Amazon coupons are one of the ways in which you can take advantage of one of the most important e-commerce platforms in the world.

they represent an alternative way to real money to shop on Jeff Bezos’ website , buy what you need or give gifts to your favorite people 🙂

To earn Amazon vouchers you have several opportunities at your disposal.

you could have fun playing some games and combine business with pleasure.

Or you can watch videos and answer surveys.

In short, there is no shortage of ways to earn Amazon coupons in 2021, it is important to know them and make the most of them.

In the next lines I will explain in detail how the methods I have listed above work.

Keep reading this guide!


One of the best ways to earn Amazon coupons is thanks to Yougov

yougov is an international online market research, data analysis and online survey company founded in 2000 in England

the company conducts paid survey, creating a platform where people can sign up and earn Amazon rewards and coupons

It is one of the largest market research companies in Europe and in the world. It is also one of the most popular in Italy due to its reliability 

How to join Yougov? 

Here are the steps to sign up for Yougov:

  • Register on the website
  • Enter your personal details
  • Activate registration via the link for Email
  • Click on “start the survey”

in this way you will be able to access Yougov surveys that will allow you to earn points

surveys are worth 5 points and these points can be used in shops

How does yougov work? 

after registering you can start taking surveys and receive 5 points for their completion 

bonuses allow you to complete other bonuses that allow you to receive more points

the points earned can be spent on Amazon vouchers, Decathlon vouchers, Zalando vouchers and Media world vouchers

amazon vouchers earned on Yougov can have different value

Points can also be earned through activities and not just through surveys

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards by playing


Online surveys aren’t the only way to earn Amazon gift cards , some apps allow you to play instead.

Jean did you really say playing?

YES YES 🙂 you got it right !!

These apps reward you with points that you can exchange for gift cards on the largest ecommerce in the world.

For example, Mistplay is a platform that allows you to earn rewards to redeem for gift cards on Amazon .

You can earn these points by playing games on your mobile or by making in-game purchases (in-game purchases are purchases made within the game).

The number of points required to redeem a gift card varies.

Lucktastic is an app for iOS and Android users that allows you tovirtually play scratch card lottery tickets.

Membership is free and you can win gifts , including those for Amazon .

Cash prizes can range from € 2 to € 1,500.

To earn tokens and have a better chance of winning, you can invite friends using your link.

please invite me if you consider me your friend 🙂

Another app that allows you to earn Amazon coupons by playing is AppNana which rewards you for completing small tasks.

The points you earn are called “nanas” and can be earned by completing the following activities:

  • Log in every day
  • Download a game app and reach a certain level
  • Watch videos and ads
  • Download an app and keep it open for a certain period of time
  • You can convert your nanas into gift cards or cash out with PayPal .

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards By Watching Videos


Earning Amazon coupons by watching videos might seem like one of those thousands of scams found on the web.

However, I tried this mode myself and the result was positive.

Earning Amazon coupons with video is a slow process that won’t allow you to get high cut coupons.

But as long as your expectations are reasonable, you can easily get coupons for a few pairs of euros .

come on Jean honestly how much can I expect to earn?

Then there are a variety of apps and websites that will allow you to get Amazon coupons by watching online content .

Some of them also offer other ways to earn money for example:

  • participating in paid online surveys,
  • completing tasks and redeeming coupons

It doesn’t take you too long and you can get paid to watch ads in short intervals, such as during your lunch break, before going to sleep or on weekends

TRICK: One way to make more money is to play videos on your phone or tablet and let them run in the background while you go about your normal activities.

This way you don’t waste your time behind the screen and get the desired result

How much you earn depends on how long you can invest , but it is reasonable to expect coupons of € 5 and up to € 20 per month .

Earnings vary depending on the platform you use.

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards With Surveys


BACKGROUND, you won’t get rich by polling ,

as with no method I have presented to you in this article

but you can use them to earn Amazon gift cards in your spare time.

For each site we’ll talk about, you’ll need to create a free account to unlock gift cards.

Some sites offer sign-up bonuses for new members that you can exchange for Amazon gift card codes .

For each site you decide to use, be sure to complete your profile and answer the qualification questions as accurately as possible.

This way you will be matched with relevant surveys.

Swagbucks is an online rewards program where members earn points for completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, using the Swagbucks search engine , playing games, and more.

For each completed activity, you will earn points called Swagbucks or SB.

Once you have 300 Swagbucks , you can cash out a € 3 Amazon gift card .

Swagbucks offers the ability to exchange points for PayPal cash .

It also offers a € 10 signup bonus to incentivize users to download its app or visit the site.

InboxDollars has given cash and coupon prizes of more than $ 56 million to its members since it landed in the market since the 2000s.

InboxDollars works with brands like Target, Walmart, and Netflix to get feedback from consumers who complete short tasks like taking online surveys.

Most of its surveys take between three and 25 minutes to complete and pay between € 0.50 and € 5.

However, for some surveys you will get up to € 20 if it fits the demographic the company is looking for.

You can also earn rewards:

  • to watch videos such as short film trailers
  • play games like Solitaire and Candy Jam
  • shop online
  • read promotional emails
  • redeem free coupons.

Finally, the Survey Junkie community includes over 10 million members who earn Amazon gift cards and similar rewards for participating in online surveys.

Unlike some survey sites that offer rewards for various activities, this one focuses solely on surveys.

Each survey is assigned a point value and an estimated completion time.

Once you have accumulated 1,000 points, equal to € 10, you can immediately cash out and receive the code of your Amazon gift card .

There is no waiting period.

In addition to Amazon , you can also earn gift cards on websites like Groupon, iTunes, Sephora, and Target, or cash out via PayPal.


I told you in this article about how you can earn Amazon coupons

You can earn Amazon vouchers by playing thanks to apps like Mist play or Lucktastic or Appnana

that allow you to earn Amazon coupons in exchange for simple tasks like watching videos or reaching a certain level in a game app

Surveys are other methods of earning amazon coupons

Amazon vouchers are a good way to manage / limit your expenses and an excellent way to give gifts to other people

I hope this guide has helped you to learn about new ways to get Amazon coupons

your friend Jean