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How to Become a Professional Blogger

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In this article I will teach you how to become a professional blogger, as you may have guessed from the name this professional to how I work managing a blog

A professional blogger is a person who runs a blog with the professionalism of a job and with the purpose of making money with it.

It can also be said that a professional blogger is someone whose blogging is his main job and that blogging allows him to be earning a salary,  

a professional blogger spends most of his time curating all aspects of his blog, treats his blog like a business, and blogging is his primary source of income


He also collaborates with brands, writes collaboration propositions to brands, creates posts on social media , writes some code in html every now and then, you have monthly blogging expenses, subscribes to campaigns and reviews etc .. 

It must be admitted that as simple as it can be to start a blog, blogging requires many skills just like a “real” job.

But can blogging be considered a job? Sure ask Sabrina Barbante (one of my favorite professional bloggers :))

A job or profession has specific requirements:

  • A job is an activity that requires special skills and a good level of education
  • A job is an answer to a question from society
  • A job is paid

Blogging is in high demand. Yup.

The demand of society exists, people read nowadays have as their first reflex to consult the internet to answer any of their questions

people do Google searches every day and comment and discuss the content of their favorite bloggers

Blogging requires specific skills. Yup.

Blogging is paid.

How do you become a Professional Blogger?

To become a professional blogger you must:

  • Choose a profitable niche
  • Purchase hosting
  • Choose your blog platform
  • Choose the domain name
  • Create the business plan
  • Learn about online marketing tools
  • Monetize your blog

Before starting make sure you choose a niche that can make you money, make sure there is enough demand for your niche and that there is enough space to fit in.

then choose your web hosting , make sure it is solid and that it is a hosting suitable to provide you with high performance if you want to turn blogging into your job you cannot afford to use software for beginners

I recommend Siteground , excellent hosting for professional bloggers

Choose a blog platform that allows you to customize your blog as you wish, the best is WordPress

Choose a professional domain name, don’t use slang in your domain name, remember it will be your blog name so stay professional

planning is an important aspect of your business blog, 

becoming a professional blogger means running a business

and managing a business means:

  • Prepare a business plan : set an annual expense not to be exceeded and divide the total into small monthly expenses and weekly goals and plan do not forget to plan how to earn the first money
  • Create a brand around your business : Create a Logo and a good slogan for your Brand
  • Invest in your business : Invest in professional software to make your brand more professional
  • Manage the budget: Keep an eye on the expenses and income of your business

after you have taken care of the preliminary phase you must move on to the next phase

you need professional knowledge to run a professional blog

this knowledge includes:

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • Knowledge of graphic platforms such as Canva
  • Good grammar and writing skills
  • Knowledge of social platforms 
  • Good knowledge of data analysis platforms
  • A good understanding of the Google algorithm
  • Knowledge in blog promotions

And finally, to become a professional blogger you need to learn how to monetize your blog.

You can use AdSense ads but be aware that they are not very profitable

you can create digital products and sell them which will take you longer but it is certainly a more lucrative activity than advertising 

or groped the affiliation which is the best compromise between gain and effort

What are the skills of a professional blogger ?

There are many skills that a professional blogger must have

To grow your readers you need to be well integrated and understand the world of social media well .

To optimize your content and rank high in Google searches you need to understand SEO

to create quality content by knowing the principles of photography and video editing

and of course you need to know how to promote your personal brand, your content, which means having a good understanding of marketing

plus if your blog becomes a business you have to learn how to be a manager 

but more importantly a blogger must know their niche and know what the audience wants ..

This is why the idea that anyone can become a professional and prolific blogger is not true. 

if taken seriously, blogging is a very complex and varied profession

obviously a blogger must have a good writing basis, articles and written content are the basis for success in a blog

the secret is to get people to read your posts

the fundamental skills of a professional blogger are:

  • Writing articles
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • SEO
  • Social Media

and these are just the basic skills to which you can add as I told you above others such as the ability to manage marketing campaigns and the creation and promotions of digital products

in short, the professional blogger is a professional who knows how to do a little bit of everything 

The advantages and disadvantages of a professional blogger

There are two things, before starting your blogging career make sure you have a great understanding of your niche, 

or make sure you choose a niche in which you are willing to spend a lot of time getting to know and assimilate it

the competition in the network is getting bigger and bigger so the real difference one can make in the network is the level of quality you can bring and the way you manage to promote it

Here are the benefits of a professional blogger:

  • It is an activity that combines passion and work
  • You are your own boss
  • Collaborations with brands can be extremely rewarding
  • Flexible hours

But there are also disadvantages

Here are the disadvantages of a professional blogger:

  • Irregular working hours
  • Lack of stable earnings
  • The gains are not immediate

How does a professional blogger make money?

There are many ways and many strategies to monetize your professional blogging work, 

Here is a professional blogger’s list of monetizing methods

  1. Sponsored Content
  2. Affiliation
  3. Sale of products and services
  4. Sale of online courses
  5. Corporate blog management of other brands

Sponsored content

The sponsored content method means creating content for brands, content where a brand is advertised or where a certain service is recommended to your readers in exchange for a remuneration from this company.

the requirements to do a sponsored content are:

  • Have a solid readership of your blog and a good conversion rate
  • Your blog must be attractive to different brands
  • Your readers need to be engaged with you and comment on your posts


Another monetization method is to partner with affiliate brands and web services. Lots of online brands offer affiliate services

with this method your earnings depend on choosing the good product for the good target audience

Affiliation works like this:

  • You sign up for an affiliate program
  • Receive a personal affiliate link
  • You post content on your blog with this affiliate link
  • Receive a commission every time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link

Sale of products and services

Another way to make money with a blog is to create your own products and services and offer them to your readers

there are no limitations here, you can sell any products you feel you can offer your readers whether they are cups with your logo or consulting services

Sale of online courses

Selling courses online is recommended if you are an expert in a certain area and that if you think you can teach this skill with an online course

In this case you must have an audience that believes in your skills and above all that trusts you and your work

Corporate blog management for other brands

A great way to earn money is to be hired by other brands to run their corporate blog

This way guarantees you a stable income and all the security that comes from a job as an employee. A corporate blogger

The best courses for Professional Bloggers

The best courses for professional bloggers are:

  • The ultimate course to become a professional blogger
  • Content design fundamentals for bloggers
  • Blogging masterclass: how to build a successful blog