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Difference Between Blog and Vlog

Hi you! 🙂

I am Jean the founder of Freenancer,

Before starting the creation of my blog I also asked myself the same question as you,

I didn’t know whether to create blog content only or to open a vlog.

To tell the truth I didn’t really know what a blog was or even what a vlog was, so just like you,

I opened my browser and typed: “what is the difference between blog and Vlog?”

Here’s what I found …

The difference between blogs and vlogs is that blogs are web pages where the content is mainly in the form of text while vlogs are video content that is posted on visual platforms such as YouTube .

Blogs and vlogs have many similarities, as I told you above


Blogs are a space on the internet where the blog owner writes content with the purpose of entertaining, informing or inspiring their audience.

Each blogger has their own niche and therefore each blog is about a specific topic

In doing so, the blogger attracts readers and increases its visibility

Which allows them to work with sponsors and collaborate

Vloggers do exactly the same thing, post videos where they talk about a certain topic

This is with the aim of attracting the public and increasing their popularity

The increase in popularity makes them more attractive to companies and sponsors

What to choose Video or Blog?

As a blogger I strongly advise you to start a blog, the blog has infinite potential and few people have realized it yet 🙂

People still believe that having a blog means having an online diary in which to tell their day,

Mistake ! blogs are the companies of the future!

However, I advise you to open a blog only and only if you like to write and tell!

If, on the other hand, you are a more “visual” person then I suggest you open a vlog

Vlogs have a unique feature,

They grab your audience’s attention more easily !!

And this for two reasons:

  • The first reason is that we are in Italy! And we Italians prefer to watch videos rather than read (alas, the data speak for themselves)
  • The second reason is that a video touches more senses than reading, in a video there is movement and this attracts us men a lot and finally in the videos there are so many bright and beautiful colors that you do not find in a boring black and white article .

Let’s say that vlogs are the enhanced and multimedia version of blogs

The blog is quite old in fact it was born in 2003 while the concept of vlog is much more recent we are talking about 2000

An interesting thing to note is how blogs are supported by platforms like WordPress , bloggers , Joomla while Vlogs are supported by more social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat

Vlogs, however, are much more tiring to create and assemble than blog articles , in fact to assemble a Vlog you must have a good camera (today luckily you just need a good smartphone) you must have a good microphone, you must have a good light and the right setup to start with

While to post content in a blog you only need to have a computer and an internet connection

Both activities have great potential, you have the choice, are you more of a videomaker or a writer?

What is a vlogger?

A vlogger is a person who publishes video content (vlog) consistently on a video platform such as YouTube or Instagram with the aim of entertaining or informing their audience to grow their popularity.

Vloggers are simply the people who make video blogs.

Since 2005 and thanks to Youtube, Vloggers have become more and more popular and more and more people want to become part of this community

Youtubers (YouTube vloggers) have become one of the largest vlogger communities in the world

What topics do youtubers deal with?

There is no ranking of the most covered topics, but just like bloggers there are vloggers for any niche

We move from finance, to science, to art … Each has his own specialization and each has his own personal way of dealing with the topics


Vlogs, just like blogs, are an excellent marketing tool, in fact we cannot fail to mention the earnings that this activity can bring

The larger the community of followers of a vlogger the more this vlogger has influence and becomes important in the vlogging stage

A vlogger who has a large community also has a great influence and this is what big companies are looking for

Medium to large companies offer large sums of money to Vloggers who have large communities

Which pushes more and more people to seek their fortune in this field

The materials needed to carry out this activity are few you only need a camera (or even a latest generation phone) a microphone, your beautiful face and some minimal entertainment skills

The most famous Vloggers in Italy are: FavijTV, Me contro Te, ipantellas

I invite you to watch this Pantellas Video that really makes you laugh: who are you on your bike 🙂

What is the Vlog for

The vlog is used to share experiences, thoughts, ideas and passions with your audience. The vlog is a type of communication that is used to connect with your audience in a more personal way

This is the most common reason people have for starting a vlog but there are several other reasons for starting a video blog

A vlog is used to:

  1. Improve your speaker skills : by getting used to speaking in front of a camera every day you will improve your skills in speaking in front of an audience, you will improve in the management of stress and tension and you will improve in the formulation of speeches in front of a camera
  2. Help you get out of the comfort zone : if you are shy and introverted, opening a vlog will allow you to get involved, talk to new people and make you a more sociable and outgoing person
  3. Meeting new people : putting your face on social media makes you an easily accessible person and this means that many people will start writing to you and trying to connect with you in any way and this will allow you to meet many new people
  4. Learning how to use a video camera and edit videos : the production of multimedia content is not a very simple thing, entering this world you will be forced to learn, for example, how to edit videos, skills that are well paid in the world of work.
  5. Increase your revenue : vlogging if done right can become the source of extra income or even for vloggers who manage to build a loyal and solid audience the source of a steady salary


I hope this article was helpful to you

tell me below in the comments if you are more of a blog type or more of a vlog type 🙂

your friend Jean