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What is Influencer Marketing

What is influencer marketing?

Influence marketing is a type of marketing where influencers are used to increase the visibility of the company or to promote products

the value of the influence marketing industry was estimated at $ 1.07 billion in 2017

the theory of this type of marketing stems from Paul Lazarsfeld ‘s 1940 studies on political communication which states that most people are influenced by opinion leaders

Influence marketing has therefore existed for a long time but only in recent years has it been used in a general way thanks to the advent of the internet, web 2.0 and social networks


a real category of recognizable subjects was born with the task of influencing people’s purchasing choices: Influencers

the influencer is an internet celebrity who creates content on the web to influence users’ purchasing choice with their recommendations

there are different types of influencers: travel influencers, virtual influencers, fashion influencers, bloggers.

Even bloggers can consider themselves influencers if they have a website or blog that is known in the market and where people seek advice before making purchases.

Why do companies invest in influencer marketing ?

Businesses use influence marketing to gain greater exposure in the market

data from recent years has shown that influencers are increasingly sought by companies to do influence marketing

one of the main reasons for this phenomenon is the change we are experiencing in the communication channels and in the purchasing behavior of users

customers _ are increasingly relying on social media and the web and influencers to make purchasing

influencers are tasked with earning the trust of their subscribers through a daily job of creating content and maintaining the relationship with their subscribers

the relationship is built thanks to the publication of content in line with the tastes of the public

the contents do not have to be for marketing purposes but rather more personal contents or contents objectives have a stronger effect on subscribers who feel more connected to the influencer

this type of content and relationship is the point on which companies aim when they are looking for an influencer

because the more a subscriber is linked to an influencer, the more susceptible he is to the advice of the latter

companies use this link to position their products 

How Does Influence Marketing Work?

Companies have found that using influencers facilitates marketing campaigns

because promotions made by influencers are more honest and more genuine than promotions made by companies

to this we must add another fact, that traditional communication channels have lost their effectiveness

new generations spend less time on the internet and social media

companies to adapt to this change have begun to recruit influencers to increase their online visibility

but for an influencer marketing campaign to be successful it is not enough to find an influencer, it is necessary to refine the search for influencers in order to find those who have the greatest impact on their followers

here are the key parameters of choice of influencers:

  • The size of the community
  • the engagement rate
  • the frequency of publications
  • the impression rate

community size refers to the number of subscribers the influencer has 

an influencer with many subscribers naturally touches a wider audience and is therefore naturally worth more than one with fewer subscribers

instead the engagement rate is the number of interactions that subscribers have with influencers

the higher the rate, the greater the relationship between the influencer and the audience

which translates into a greater influence on the purchasing behavior of subscribers

posting frequency is the number of times the influencer posts per day

publishing content is the way in which the relationship between influencers and the public is created and consolidated

instead the impression rate is the ratio between the total number of subscribers and the number of subscribers who actively watch the publications of the influencers