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10+ Online Business Ideas You Can Start Now

In this article , you will find a number of online business ideas that can help you start an online digital career

Here is the list of digital businesses

  1. Amazon Domination formula
  2. Create a blog
  3. Web writer
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. YouTube
  6. Fiverr
  7. Online courses
  8. Online consultancy
  9. Podcast
  10. Virtual assistant

Amazon Domination Formula

Amazon Domination Formula is a video course that teaches you how to get free products from Amazon

the video course was conceived and created by Gabriele Cosimi, digital entrepreneur and Amazon expert for more than 5 years

Amazon Domination formula teaches you how to get products for free but also teaches you how to make this a profitable online business

in fact, in the course you will also find a series of chapters dedicated entirely to setting up an online business that allows you to earn extra money

Create a blog

creating a blog is the operation of opening a web space where you can share your thoughts and passions with your readers

Blogs are an important part of the web, they have been around since the early years of the internet and still exist today

most of the information you find online comes from a blog

pay attention!

precisely because most people find information in blogs they represent a huge earning opportunity

there are an infinite number of ways to make money with blogs and not taking advantage of this possibility that the web offers us is really a shame

Web writer

Web writer is the business of writing articles online for companies or other blogs

many famous bloggers have started their careers as a web writer and there are also many digital entrepreneurs on the list

the web writer is the simplest career to undertake if you want to work in the digital world or in any case open a door to the digital world

the benefits that this career brings you are different but the biggest benefit is the growth of your brand

working for other companies you propose yourself to your market as a professional

move that allows you to develop your personal brand and allows you to acquire new customers

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting the products of other companies and earning a commission for each product sold through your promotion

Selling is the foundation of digital business and earning through sales commission is something we all know

affiliate marketing is the digital version of the commission per sale is the primary method by which bloggers make money online

it is very easy to understand why it is the main way of making money for bloggers

with affiliate marketing you don’t have to worry about product creation or product distribution

you earn only thanks to the work of promotion, work that can be really simple in some cases


YouTube is a web platform that allows video sharing

YouTube ‘s video platform has been experiencing exponential growth in recent years, becoming the second largest search engine after Google

YouTube was founded in 2005 and was bought back only a year later by Google for a staggering $ 1.65 billion.

4,950,000,000 views are recorded on YouTube every day

this number makes the platform an incredible place to advertise, sell products or grow your brand

the power of YouTube is such that it has created its own celebrities: The Youtubers

who are real celebrities who make a lot of money thanks to their activities on the platform


Fiverr is a marketplace for offering freelance services

many freelancers have the opportunity to post their services on this platform every day

if you have skills that can be sold online then Fiverr is for you

the platform was founded in 2010 in Israel by Micha Kaufman and has since experienced exponential growth

The advantages of the platform for freelancers is that it gives you access to the platform ‘s customer base

3.42 million service buyers are active on the platform every day

which makes it an exceptional marketplace for your online business

Online courses

Selling online courses is that activity that consists in creating online courses through the online course platforms with Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific etc and their promotion and online sale

the platforms for creating courses are in most cases paid

therefore also consider the investment in equipment to have good video and audio quality

an initial cost is to be expected for this type of business

but you have to consider that e-learning is a market with huge growth

more and more people decide to train through online courses

and according to analysts this market will reach 325 billion dollars before 2025

Online consultancy

Online consultancy is the professional service by an expert or professional in the sector who has the aim of assisting, guiding and helping a client to achieve his goals.

an online consultation is carried out through digital means of communication , in particular video calling

there are different types of consultancy: financial consultancy, tax consultancy, IT consultancy, technical consultancy, etc.

the type of advice you are going to give depends on the type of professional you are and your area of ​​expertise


the podcast is a “radio” broadcast on the web and downloadable on a digital device

podcasts can be listened to through different platforms such as the most popular Google podcasts and Apple podcasts or other solutions such as Spotify, Deezer and spreaker

the podcast market has been growing in recent years especially in Italy and various indicators continue to state that the podcast will be an increasingly common means of information and education in the future

there are several ways to make money with podcasts: sponsored content, collaborations with other brands in your industry, advertising 

Or the very promotion of your products and services can bring you income through the podcast

Furthermore, the podcast is also an excellent strategy for educating your market and positioning (brand positioning)

to create a podcast the most popular platforms are:

  • Libsyn
  • Soundcloud
  • Spreaker

Virtual assistant

the virtual assistant is a professional who works remotely offering his services to companies and professionals in exchange for remuneration

the services that are offered by a virtual assistant are different and can range from secretarial services to consulting and marketing services up to administration and accounting services

in general, a virtual assistant earns around $20 per hour

then doing a simplistic calculation

with an average of 3 customers and working 3 hours a day you can earn around $1,200 per month !!

an excellent sum in relation to working hours