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Make Money With Banner Ads

Hi you !! 🙂

In this article I will tell you about how to make money with banner ads

There are many ways to make money with a blog and one of the simplest methods is banner ads

putting advertisements on your blog allows you to earn money without always having to be present on your blog,


banner ads are an extremely passive method of earning you will only need to do some maintenance every now and then and enjoy the rest of your time as you prefer

the advantage of knowing how to earn with ads is exactly that of having an income that involves little maintenance

allowing you to focus on other aspects of your blog, such as content creation , blog promotion or traffic management

What are banner ads?

Advertising banners are commercial graphic supports used for the promotion of services and products on the web . They allow advertising to appear in a visually attractive and personalized way on blogs, social networks, search engines and web pages

banners are highly customizable and can also be animated or contain videos

the main objective of an advertising banner is to make a certain product and service known to an audience and to increase their interest so that the reader ends up clicking and being redirected to the advertiser’s site

Why use banner ads to earn blogging?

The path of a blogger is really long and slow, especially at the beginning

and one thing you will surely start asking yourself soon in your career is: “when do you get the first pennies?”

banner ads are probably one of the very first options you have to make money with your blog 

Here is the list of reasons why you should use banner ads:

  1. the fastest way to earn money with a blog
  2. the simplest way to make money with a blog
  3. excellent way to diversify your blog income
  4. earnings are passive
  5. possibility to monetize your viral content

The fastest way to make money blogging:

You can start making money with a banner blog right away. 

That’s right you don’t have to wait weeks or months to earn the first money with your blog

your income depends on the traffic your blog has so at the beginning your income will be really low, 

but as your blog starts generating more traffic your revenue will increase accordingly

The easiest monetization method to install

inserting advertising banners is really simple, 

all you need to do is sign up for banner advertising services like Google Adsense 

enter the code string that will be provided to you on your blog and that’s it

don’t worry there is no difficult process 

and in any case, if you do not feel up to changing the code of your blog, you can count on the customer service of these platforms

Excellent way to diversify your earnings

making money with advertising is an excellent way to diversify your earnings, 

rule number one when you are a blogger (and even if you weren’t a blogger ) 

is to always diversify your sources of income so as not to be in trouble

Earnings from advertising are 100% passive

The best thing about advertising earnings is that they are 100% passive.

Parameterize your banner ads and that’s it

and all you need to do next is monitor your earnings and make small adjustments if needed

earning method with the 100% passive blog

It allows you to monetize your viral content

Even if you don’t have huge traffic that doesn’t mean your blog posts can’t go viral

When a virality happens in one of your articles you can attract a huge number of visitors in a few days. 

and in these cases you can really make a huge amount of money with advertisements in no time.

it must be said that such traffic can be practically monetized only with ads

Banner ads in blogs are ugly

One of the things that is often said about banner ads is that they are ugly, that they ruin the user experience and that nobody wants to see ads on blogs.

I agree with you.

Banner ads ruin the user experience on your blog

but on the other hand they are an excellent way to earn money quickly at the beginning of your career especially if you can easily bring traffic to your blog

so it always depends on what you are looking for from your blog.

And in addition you can set up and modify banner ads and make them less bulky and annoying for your audience.

I think if you want your blog to free you some time in life then you have to consider banner ads especially in the beginning

but remember that you can always take them off once you have grown your earnings from other sources 

How to add banner ads on your blog

Do you want to add banners to your blog? 

To add banners to your blog the theory is very simple:

in general, the subscription to a banner platform allows these companies to put advertisements on your site and every time a visitor clicks on one of these banners you receive a commission

The steps to add banner ads on your blog are:

  • Choose a reputable banner platform
  • Register and wait for validation by the platform
  • Post the code string on your blog
  • Choose the placement and number of banners on your blog
  • Monitor, analyze and edit

Step 1: Choose a reliable advertising network

The first thing to do is to choose a reputable banner platform

these platforms all have different monetization conditions with each other and therefore the earnings can vary from one platform to another

in addition, certain platforms have entry requirements such as the minimum number of monthly traffic 

Here is the list of the best advertising banner platforms :

Google AdSense : The most popular and best known platform is AdSense. Easy to install and set up

thanks to the Auto ADS option it allows you to automatically advertise on your blog, 

with Google AdSense you can choose which banners to show to your readers and you can also create specific banner display rules for each page

Infolinks: has a large selection of banner advertising placements, an easy-to-install platform, which guarantees good earnings, and user-friendly customization.  It does not require minimal traffic to access ; excellent advertising network for beginners – no need for minimal traffic to access

Mediavine: a team that uses a very personal solution to generate the maximum income for your blog, great earnings with this platform:  minimum traffic required: 25 000 sessions per month

Monumetric : Great choice when your blog starts to grow, great for average experienced bloggers . Minimum traffic to access: 10 000 sessions per month

AdThrive : popular network for big bloggers ; minimum traffic: 100 000 sessions per month

all the platforms that I have listed are super reliable and make the installation of banners extremely simple and show you step by step the steps you need to do to optimize your earnings

STEP 2: sign up and wait to be approved by the platforms

After you have chosen the right platform for you, you must proceed with the registration

now if your blog is new make sure you have enough articles , in fact one of the minimum requirements to be approved is to have good quality material on your blog

I suggest you write at least fifteen original articles on your blog before subscribing to any banner platform

and make sure you have original content and copyright-free images 

here are some tips before signing up for banner advertising platforms:

  • Make sure you have at least 15 items
  • Make sure you have unique content and copyright-free images
  • Create the legal pages (private policy, terms and conditions ..)
  • Make sure you have clear site navigation

STEP 3: Insert the code on your blog

After receiving the registration confirmation you will be prompted to enter a code string on your site

this string of code sends a request to the banner platform every time a reader arrives on your blog so that you can activate the display of advertisements

this code must be placed in the head of your site

but even in this case you don’t have to fear the platform will help you carry out this step

STEP 4: Choose the position and number of banners on your blog

If you want to make money from advertising with your blog, 

One of your priorities is definitely to maintain a great user experience.

we don’t like ads we know so you have to try not to fill your blog with too many ads

Platforms like Media.vine and AdThrive help you optimize these points so that you have ads in the best and least annoying places possible

Here are a couple of points to consider:

  • Make sure readers can close all banners if they feel like it
  • Avoid using anchored advertisements (those that are on the screen also scroll down)

If you find it difficult to manage advertisements then try to imagine where you would like to find them and where they would not bother reading your article

Step 5: monitor, analyze and fix

Once you have put your banners online, you just have to wait

your strategy and ad placement need time to be tested

do not touch your advertisements for 4-5 weeks to allow the platforms to collect the results and determine which banners have worked best

the first goal you have to set yourself is to make your monthly earnings stable and to do this you have to let advertising run to get results

these results will let you know which banners work best and which worst

when you analyze the performance of your advertising banners , take into account:

  • which banner brings you the most earnings
  • which banners get the most views
  • which device brings you the most revenue

and with this data you can perform actions that improve your blog and your revenue

for example if there is a large banner that is not performing and not making you money then it can be replaced with something smaller or even eliminated

How much can I earn with banner ads

The more traffic you can get, the more revenue you can generate. 

Ads don’t make a lot of money, your blog needs to have a lot of hits per month to make you earn good money

but that doesn’t mean they can’t earn you a full salary in some cases anyway

There are two ways to earn through banner ads:

  • Pay per click (PPC): you will only be paid if the reader clicks on the banner on your blog
  • Pay per view (PPV): you will be paid based on how many people view your banner

Usually the PPV has a fixed income based on the impressions (views that the banner receives) but it all depends on the banner platform