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Make Money From Matched Betting

In this article you will find out how to make money from matched betting and online betting

Matched betting is a betting technique that can be used by everyone that allows you to profit from the bonuses and offers of the book makers

the bookmaker is a moral or physical person who allows customers to bet money on usually sporting events

the most popular bookmakers are:

  • SNAI
  • Eurobet
  • William Hill
  • Sisal

matched betting is considered risk-free as it is based on all possible outcomes of a bet and on a mathematical model

this strategy allows you to earn about 85% or more on each offer of the bookmaker

How does Match betting work?

matched betting consists in placing two opposite bets on the same event,

proceeding in this way eliminates the possibility of losing the bet and you can generate profit from the use of any bonuses

the different bookmakers offer bonuses on their platforms to attract new customers .

matched betting allows end users to convert these bonuses into withdrawable money

the operation of matched betting is very simple:

Here are the steps to make money with matched betting:

  • placing a bet on an event using the bonus
  • place a second bet to bank the same event

by placing two opposite bets all possible outcomes are covered

situation that mathematically allows you to win the bonus

Ninjabet is the website that collects bets from betting sites that offer bonuses and offers them to customers

to make money with Ninjabet with matched betting go to the website and sign up with your personal information. 

Inside the website you will find guides and video tutorials with step by step steps to make money online

Ninjabet is free and in the free version you will have access to 3 guides, 3 video tutorials and a limited version of the tools

you can access the premium version at a cost of $19.98 per month with access to all the guides, all the video tutorials and all the ninjabet tools


How much to invest in Ninjabet?

the amount of money to invest to get winnings depends on each user

the general advice is always to invest the money you are willing to lose (even if in this case it is a mathematical formula)

if it’s your first time with matched betting and if it’s your first time with Ninjabet I suggest you invest $250 to try the system

which are necessary for registration in bookmakers and which unlock bonuses for you

How much do you earn with Ninjabet?

according to Ninjabet data:

  • 60% of users earn $250 per month
  • 30% of users earn $500 per month
  • 10% of users earn more than $800 per month

Matched betting requirements

Here are the requirements for matched betting

  • Identity card
  • Fiscal Code
  • Credit card
  • $50 – $70 for the liability on betfair

note: the liability on betfair is money that is not wagered but which is used to cover the bookmaker , this money will be recovered at the first win

The Fundamental Concepts of Matched Betting

the language of matched betting has its own terminologies that help to describe more precisely actions, events and subjects that participate in this betting technique

here are the fundamental concepts of matched betting:

  • Bet
  • Banking
  • Responsibility
  • Liquid assets


betting is the act of betting on the occurrence of an event


Banking is the act of betting on the non-occurrence of an event, 

banking is the opposite of betting


liability is the potential loss you may have when taking part in a bet

the liability is calculated based on the share of the event and is recovered in the event of a positive final outcome of the event

or the responsibility is lost in the event of a negative final outcome of the event

Liquid assets

Cash is the amount you can bank on a share of an event