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How to Promote Your Blog Posts: [8 Effective Methods]

In this article you will find out how to promote your blog posts

promotion is one of the key activities of a blogger, an activity that comes only after writing and publishing articles

a blog can be useful and valuable but if no one reads it it will not help anyone and it will be difficult to monetize it

Here are the best ways to promote blog articles :

  1. Social media
  2. Newsletter
  3. Guest post
  4. Comment marketing
  5. Forum
  6. Quora
  7. Facebook groups
  8. Create Video content


Social media

social media is the most classic way we know of to promote blog articles

Social media are online channels that allow users to easily share content such as text, images and videos. 

Some of the most popular social media sites include Facebook , Twitter , Snapchat, and Instagram . 

Social media can be used for a variety of purposes including building relationships, sharing information and creating content . 

the basic rules that every blogger must take into account when using social media for promoting your blog articles as well as services and products is to create a blog social account

the social account will allow you to share your articles as well as interact with your readers and promote yourself to a wider audience


A newsletter is a type of communication that is periodically sent to the subscribers of a service. 

Newsletters may contain various information such as updates on blog activity and updates on new articles and various blog services and products

used by many companies and by many bloggers, the newsletter is an excellent communication and marketing tool

Guest post

Another way to promote your articles is through guest blogging

A guest post is an article written by a person who is not a staff member of a blog

guest post means guest post (or guest article ) intended as an article written on the blog but by a guest

Guest posts are typically written by subject matter experts who wish to share their knowledge with a wider audience or who wish to bring more authority and credibility to a given article.

Guest posts can be used as marketing tools to increase traffic to a blog and to promote a blog or product or service to a new clientele .

Comment marketing

Comment marketing is a marketing strategy that relies on posting useful and interesting comments on other people’s blogs and websites.

basically comment in a useful way in your competitors’ posts or under influential blog articles in your niche

these blogs being much larger than yours and with higher traffic will allow you to be seen and made known especially if your comments are useful 

This strategy can be used to increase traffic to the blog, to promote a product or service, or to interact directly with potential customers.


A forum is a website that allows multiple users to converse with each other by exchanging views and opinions on different topics

forums are organized to have vertical conversations on a topic and the people who participate in these discussions are often people in target and interested

responding to problems and participating in conversations, also integrating links to articles that can help users is a great way to promote and bring value


Quora is a forum platform where users can post questions and answers on any topic.

Furthermore, the structure of the platform is made in such a way as to group questions and answers by topic and allows users to vote or add comments.

just like forums, participating in discussions on issues and conversations about your niche is a great way to promote your articles

also Quora allows you to have a personal account that allows you to build credibility as a professional in a niche

a credible account can help you increase your visibility and therefore also the visibility of your blog and articles

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great place to find communities of people passionate about specific niches

in the Facebook platform there are groups on any niche, some groups are public while other groups are private 

these groups give you the possibility to share your articles with many people potentially in target with your articles

Facebook groups usually have rules and it is often not possible to link directly to your blog

but this does not mean that the promotion of your articles is not possible

try to identify the problems that people have and bring value to the community this will make you a great publicity

Create video content

videos are a category of content that has been hugely successful in recent years

platforms mainly focused on videos such as Youtube and Instagram have experienced tremendous growth in recent years

the improvement of telephone technology and the internet have allowed a rapid growth of this type of content which has proved to be very effective in terms of conversions

an excellent strategy to share your articles is to promote them through videos or through live direct on Instagram or Facebook

Certainly creating videos requires more work than creating an article but the effectiveness of this content is higher than the blog article