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How To Make Money With Surveys

Hi you! 🙂

Are you looking to earn a little more online?

Then this post is just for you.

In fact, in this article I will talk to you about how to make money with surveys ,

giving you advice on what to do and how to be able to earn a little something right away. Let’s begin!

Many talk about it, hardly anyone actually knows if earning with surveys is really possible !!

In recent years, an impressive number of companies have decided to offer services

that allowed web users to respond to surveys and earn.

But how exactly does this method work?

What is there to know before diving head first into this uncommon earning method?

I have decided in this article to give you a complete overview

what paid surveys are and how much you can actually earn, in total transparency.

In addition, I have selected some of the best survey sites that will allow you to enter this world from the front door of this new world.

If you want to know everything about how to make money with surveys,

this guide is all you need to read.

Online surveys: what they are


Let’s start with a premise: Brands and companies need to understand what consumer behavior is towards their products and services.

For this reason, their goal is to carry out market research and obtain as much data from customers or prospects.

therefore thanks to responses to surveys and through honest opinions on consumer products and services,

market research companies can gather a lot of data about their products and how popular they are.

Surveys are activities that consist of answering online questions made through websites that allow companies to identify the needs of their customers

This is how and why paid surveys are born, tools available to companies to understand consumer tastes and operate accordingly.

Now everything is online and even market research companies have evolved using the tools of online surveys.

As a user through an online survey you can express your opinion on topics and this will allow you to access cash prizes or gift vouchers.

#But Jean, what exactly are these polls?

These are anonymous questionnaires characterized by multiple questions to which the user must answer as sincerely as possible.

The duration of the surveys is variable, as well as the resulting income. Generally speaking, the longer a survey is, the higher the reward you will get.

Taking a paid survey is one of the easiest and most flexible ways to earn some extra money online and round up your monthly income .

You will be able to access a paid online survey whenever you want , whether you are at home or on the go.

As a result, online paid surveys have become an effective way to quickly reach large numbers of consumers

and get real feedback from them who are willing to share their opinion through in exchange for some rewards.

Best Sites to make money with surveys

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what paid surveys are and what is the purpose for which they are distributed,

you need to understand which are the best paid survey websites.

The selection that I will present to you below has a single point of reference: safety.

In fact, not all online survey sites are safe and pay the amount due when you reach a certain threshold.

[Disclaimer] online you risk finding many scams, there are many survey sites that promise but do not keep their promises so be very careful !!

forewarned is forearmed 😉

the list below is made up of tested, tried and trusted sites .. Start with this list !!

My survey



Mysurvey is a platform that is particularly popular with users and offers weekly surveys with an average duration of 10 minutes.

The Mysurvey Payout takes place after reaching 1200 points (about € 10) and the prize will be redeemed via Paypal or vouchers available on websites such as Ikea, Feltrinelli, Cisalfa and iTunes.

With Mysurvey it is difficult to identify how much you earn with online surveys because the remuneration varies a lot from questionnaire to questionnaire .

In any case, some users say that reaching the payout points is not particularly difficult. 

Alta opinione


Alta Opinione is an online survey site that allows you to reach the payment threshold once you have only obtained $8 .

The reward of this platform translates into vouchers to be used on some of the most famous ecommerce such as Amazon or Zalando .

The payment of the surveys is very high , with a reward ranging between 1 euro and 3 euro, up to 5 euro .

The duration of the questionnaires is approximately 15 minutes. This means that you can earn € 10/15 every hour.

Not bad, right ?;)

Mondo di opinione


Among the sites to make money with paid surveys there is also Mondo Opinione , a platform managed by Dybata LLC.

For this website, the payment threshold varies based on the voucher that can be issued for your purchases on Amazon, iTunes, Carrefour, Virtual Mastercard and others.

Mondo di opinione polls last a short time, about 10 minutes , and allow you to earn points to access your favorite coupons immediately.




Another online survey site is Nextplora . The platform is completely in Italian and offers a variable payment threshold based on the selected voucher.

As you will have understood, Nextplora does not offer cash prizes, but good purchases that are available on some online stores such as Feltrinelli, Eprice, SaldiPrivati ​​and many others.

Generally speaking, on Nextplora 1000 points correspond to one euro.

To underline the presence of a referral program that allows you to earn points when you invite your friends to register on the platform through a unique link.

Google opinion reward

earn_with_ polls

A survey site… Offered by Google? Google Opinion Reward is a platform run by the largest search engine in the world and allows you to earn money after completing surveys.

As you can well understand, this platform is safe and always pays .

In fact, for each survey you will earn on average $0.80 in Play credit to be used to buy apps, books, music on the Google Play Store.

Centro di opinione


Centro di opinione is an italian company that is part of the survey sampling international group and that allows you to earn money with surveys

for more information I recommend reading this article: Review centro di opinione

How much can you earn with surveys


Making money from surveys is simple .

However, the amount of money you can earn depends on the number of surveys completed and the amount of rewards awarded for completing each one.

Each survey is different, it depends on the type, length and complexity.

The promises made by some paid survey sites are one of the biggest misperceptions that have led Italian users to believe they are earning extra money in minutes and replacing this income for their work.

The truth about online paid surveys is that you can get some interesting numbers that won’t make you rich in any way.

Keep in mind that you are not always eligible to participate in all surveys.

Some surveys are aimed at a specific type of audience that may not match your characteristics.

fill in your profile correctly to help survey panels better identify you and increase the number of surveys you are eligible to participate in.

The good thing is that you can complete online surveys wherever you are and at any time of the day.

Generally you will receive an invitation to participate in a survey directly on your e-mail.

One thing to keep in mind though is that these invitations can expire after a certain amount of time , so it’s good to always be vigilant and take note of these small details.

In any case, the earnings from online surveys can range from a few cents ($0.10) up to $1 .

These are the average and real gains that can be obtained.

Fees rarely exceed $1 per survey.

What are the highest paid surveys?

We have seen which are the best online survey sites in this guide.

It’s time to make an earnings comparison to make your final decision easier.

As you understand, not all online survey sites reward money.

In fact, in some of these prizes are available in vouchers for which the comparison becomes more difficult.

Also, not all payouts are made public and you will only find out about them once you complete a survey on a particular website.

The first site we analyzed was Mysurvey , certainly one of the most interesting. In fact, with this platform you can earn up to € 5 per survey even if on average the gain is between 1 and 3 euros.

Other platforms offer rewards in the form of gift certificates.

Therefore, by responding to surveys and accumulating points, you will be able to exchange them for coupons to spend on websites such as Amazon, Feltrinelli, SaldiPrivati, Eprice and many others.

What are the highest paid surveys?

The highest paid surveys are those of MySurvey . It is one of the few online survey platforms that offers cash and direct to PayPal.


we have come to the conclusion of this article !!

Are you interested in making money with online surveys with my guide you could understand what paid surveys are , what are the best online survey sites and how much you can actually earn.

As you have seen, the gain is certainly not comparable with a monthly salary but it is to be considered as an extra sum of money that can be used to reinvest in your online business.

Also, while not all online survey sites offer real cash rewards,

some of these will reward you with Amazon coupons that you can spend at your leisure.

I hope this article was useful to you, let me know in the comments on use one of the sites I recommend and what is your opinion on it 🙂

your friend Jean