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How to Make Money Under 18: [6 Effective Methods]

in this article you will find out how to make money as a minor

in this historical period more and more people are trying to learn how to earn money and more and more young people of the new generations are making money online (and offline)

The Internet empowers everyone to make money in a variety of creative ways

and this has meant that more and more minors are entering the world of online earnings


but what are the best ways for a minor to make money online?

Here are 6 ways to make money while underage:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Resell products received for free
  3. create a blog
  4. create a YouTube channel
  5. Babysitter
  6. influencer

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing (or affiliation) is a marketing strategy where an individual is paid to promote the products of other companies and brands

the commission that the affiliate receives depends on various parameters such as: the type of product, the price of the product, the product niche

affiliate marketing is a great way to make underage money because you don’t need any special requirements to get started


there is no age that allows you to become an affiliate and there are no initial amounts to invest to start earning

affiliate marketing is undoubtedly one of the best jobs to learn when entering the digital world

it is a job that has no barriers to entry but that allows you to learn many key skills for the online world

the number one skill you learn with affiliate marketing is sales skills

which is the primary skill to be successful online

if you are interested in finding out more about the world of affiliate marketing I suggest you enroll in the Affiliate Marketing School course where you will learn step by step

the actions you need to take to make money online

Resell products you get for free

a very simple and profitable activity that you can do as a minor is to resell the products you get for free to Amazon

what does it consist of?

this method is little known here in Italy but much better known abroad and consists in receiving free products from Amazon sellers

you must know that there are many Amazon sellers who are looking for people to give products to, whether for advertising or for other types of service

once the product is received it can easily be sold for a few hundred euros

creating a completely effortless entrance

you do not need to be of legal age to receive the products and no initial investment and no particular skill

if I have turned on your curiosity and you would like to know more I recommend reading this article: Amazon domination Formula: Start Earning Online

Create a blog

creating a blog is an activity that is always profitable,
creating a blog can allow you to have income that can change your life

and the advantage of blogging is that there is much less competition than social media

any person can start a blog and does not need to be of legal age to do so

in fact, I opened my first blog at the age of 17

here are the main advantages of a blog:

  • you become an expert in your niche
  • you increase your popularity
  • you are contacted to make collaborations
  • you can monetize the many ways

monetization in several ways is one of the main advantages of a blog

there are so many ways to monetize a blog whether it is through banner ads, through affiliation or even through guest posts

an example, The blonde Salad is the blog that Chiara Ferragni created and that allowed her to become one of the most famous influencers in the world

do you know how much Chiara Ferragni earns with her blog?

the blog The blonde Salad has a turnover of around 7 million euros a year!

not bad for a blog right?

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is the world’s largest web 2.0 video sharing and viewing platform

with around 2 billion users per month, YouTube is the second most popular social platform

creating a YouTube channel is a great way to make money as minors in fact the platform allows the creation of an account to all people who are over 13 years old

once you have created the account you will have the possibility to share your videos and to be able to monetize them thanks to the different methods with which you can monetize a YouTube channel

making money with YouTube has become more and more possible and many people around the world have begun to consider it as a career

even the first universities are being born with academic paths to become Youtuber (with Marcello Ascani as professor)


the babysitter (or nanny) is one of the most classic and best known jobs to do as a minor
the babysitter is a person who takes care of other people’s children for work

usually the tasks of a babysitter are to look after the children, accompany the children to school, entertain and educate

it’s a perfect job for a minor as it can only take a few hours a day leaving space and time for other activities

great professional skills are not required, the requirements to be a babysitter are character requirements

you have to be patient, you have to know how to manage children


becoming an influencer is a great way to make money from underage and as you have surely seen in recent years

many young people started their career as an influencer

the influencer is none other than the internet celebrity, that is, a person who has achieved fame through the internet

social media are the means by which influencers acquire fame while influence marketing is the tool that allows influencers to earn money

everyone can become an influencer, there are no barriers to entry for this job

with a mobile device and a social account (Facebook, Instagram , TikTok, Twitter) it is possible to reach and communicate with a wide audience

the main skill of an influencer is to be able to create a community of fans around their character who trust you and for whom you are the point of reference