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How To Make Money Online: [10+ Methods]

In this article, you will discover the best ways to make money online

Now more and more people are living from jobs online and the statistics show that more and more people will work online

in this climate it becomes necessary to know the opportunities that exist online and to know the best ways to make money online

in addition, the latest survey by the Bank of Italy reveals that 6 out of 10 families do not make it to the end of the month ( Read the article here )

So learning how to make money online can help many families to supplement their salaries

The list of methods to make money online

Here is the list of 42 ways to make money online:

  1. How To Make Money With Surveys
  2. How to make money on onlyfans
  3. How to sell feet pics
  4. How to get free Amazon gift cards
  5. How to make an Extra 100 a Month
  6. How To make money watching ads
  7. How to get free products to review
  8. How to get free stuff on Amazon
  9. How to make money at 15-year-old
  10. How to make an extra 500 a month
  11. More items coming up… 🙂

Make Money Online With Amazon

Making money with Amazon is definitely the first method

which I recommend you try if you are interested in making money online

Jean why do you recommend Amazon ?

For two fundamental reasons:

  • IT’S VERY SIMPLE : Unlike other programs, where you have to make a list of more or less technical steps to parameterize your profile

    on Amazon everything is very simple and designed so as not to create barriers to people who are not familiar with the world of the web
  • IT’S TRAINING : It allows you to understand how the dynamics of online earnings workAmazon offers you a series of tools and services to make money online , once you have mastered Amazon ‘s methods you can reuse them to make money with any other product on the web.

Of course! There are so many ways to make money on Amazon

Jeff Bezos’ company offers you services ranging from affiliation to more complex and professional un services such as Amazon FBA

incredible right? 🙂

I wrote an article on how to make money with Amazon where I talk about the 3 best methods that Amazon offers you to increase your revenue

If you want to learn more about this really interesting topic How to Earn Money With Amazon is the reading for you!

Make Money Online With A Blog


One of the main ways to earn extra money is to start a blog,

blogging has always been one of the best ways to make money online

and also what in the long run can give excellent satisfaction

Blogging is something I recommend to everyone , not just because I personally love blogging

but also because the process of creating a blog is very similar to the process of creating your own company or business

But with some advantages:

  • creating a blog is simpler 
  • it is easier to make money with a blog than with a company
  • a blog can become a company

Earning money is never easy .. but earning with a blog is not that complicated

It doesn’t cost that much to start a blog and thanks to tools like WordPress it’s really easy to have a good site that makes you earn extra money every month

Been to Chiara Ferragni?

Who does not know Chiara Ferragni

he is the highest paid Italian influencer in the world , plus 10 million euros in turnover and his story all started from, guess what ?…. A BLOG “The Blonde Salad”

in your blog you can either write about a specific topic (See Freenancer ) or write a personal blog 

It is important to build a following of readers and this is possible by writing useful content that can help your readers

Earnings come when you link your blog with advertising programs like Google Adsense that pays you for every visitor who comes to your site and clicks on the ads.

In addition to Google AdSense , there are many other ways to make money with a blog

and it is the combination of these techniques that will allow you to create a solid and constant source of income over time

What do you need to make money with a blog?

The first step is to have a domain.

yes but Jean what is a domain? 🙂

Now I’ll explain 🙂

is the name of your blog , the name that your visitors will have to type in the search engine to get to your site

For example my domain name is:

The second step is to choose hosting and blogging platform .

I recommend using WordPress which is the best blogging platform around and Siteground which is the best hosting from a performance point of view.

if you are interested in reading more on Siteground you can find all the information in my post: Buy WordPress hosting and domain

Once you open the blog you can start creating content that you will monetize with the different strategies to earn with a blog

Earning With E-commerce


Even without a sales or business background it is possible to have a successful online business using ecommerce platforms

Jean what are ecommerce platforms?

now I’ll explain

Ecommerce , or electronic commerce in Italian, is according to Wikipedia the set of transactions (buying and selling)  to market goods or services  between producers and consumers through the internet

in simple words, if you open an ecommerce tomorrow, you become the owner of an online store

shop where you will go to sell goods to your web customers

to create your e-commerce there are platforms like  Shopify  that give you everything you need to start your business

what you have to do is decide what to sell and start “building” your online store

these platforms help you have website level security, a payment system and a central bulletin board

where to organize your products , put photos and detailed descriptions that will allow you to increase your sales

Becoming Freelance


Who are Freelancers?

Freelancers are self-employed  who sell their skills and services to companies or individuals

A very popular category of workers that is having great success in recent years and which I am sure will hear more and more in the future (also due to this pandemic)

If you are a creative or have one of those creative skills required by the market you should try to launch yourself as a freelancer

there are so many requests for qualified professionals  who can attend the different projects that are on the web and bring value with their digital skills

Web designers, photographers, graphic designers and even business consultants  can offer their services online

you can start by creating your own online site where you can show your skills or your work or you can join the freelance communities and start creating your clientele

Below is a list of jobs that are in high demand for freelancers

  • Web developer
  • Web designer
  • Software developer
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert
  • Programmer
  • Copywriter
  • Advertiser

and many others…

Make money with surveys

Online surveys are a very popular marketing tool, which allows companies to collect opinions, feedback and comments from their customers or simply from users who are interested in that particular company or its sector.

Online surveys are generally used to improve the product , service or simply to better understand customer needs .

There are several ways to make money with surveys and the main websites that offer services to make money with surveys are:

  • Altaopinion
  • Mysurvey
  • Opinion world
  • nextplora
  • Google opinion reward

for more information I recommend reading this article: Make money with surveys

Become a Virtual Assistant


Becoming a virtual assistant is a classic digital nomad profession,

But Jeansy who are the digital nomads?

Digital nomads are the group of people who only need  a computer and an internet connection to work

and therefore thanks to this feature they can be “nomads”

which means that they can practically always be on the road because their work does not depend on a  specific place (country, city, nation)!

Beautiful, is not it?

but don’t get distracted!

let’s go back to talking about virtual assistance

The mission of a virtual assistant is to help people (usually entrepreneurs) run their company


Thanks to their digital skills

Jobs like:  Social manager  for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter accounts of companies are often employed by virtual assistants

or the  management of blogs , or the  writing of articles  or the  management of newsletters

these are all jobs often performed by virtual assistants

and believe me the list of jobs they can do has no end

In short, the more skills you have, the more your chances of being hired by some company increase

this job has the advantage of leaving you in full control of your schedules and your life  in fact what is required of you is only an internet connection and the fulfillment of the missions that will be assigned to you

FAQ Make money online

How to make money online?

There is no single answer to this question, as there are several ways to make money online. Some people choose to create a website or blog to share their knowledge and experiences with the world, while others prefer to use social media to connect with other people and share their ideas. Still others choose to use online marketing services to help businesses sell their products and services .

What are the best ways to make money online? 

There is no better way to make money online, as all methods have their pros and cons. Some people prefer to use social media to share their ideas, while others prefer to use online marketing services to help businesses sell their products and services .

What are the benefits of earning online?

The main benefit of earning online is flexibility. You don’t need to be physically present in an office or shop to work. You can also work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Additionally, many online jobs can be done anytime, anywhere, which means you can work when you are available