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How to Make Money on Youtube

Hi you! 🙂

In this article, I will tell you about a topic that leads to an enormous amount of confusion in the world of the web

today I will tell you about how to make money with YouTube

extremely interesting and topical topic

Youtube is a Google family search engine with more than 1 billion users worldwide

which is so popular on the internet that it has created a category of web stars: The Youtubers

so popular that they are classified in the most famous Italian encyclopedia: the Treccani (See Youtuber Treccani )

There are several ways to make money with YouTube , here is the list of the most common methods:

  1. Advertising
  2. Sponsored content
  3. affiliation
  4. raise funds with Crowfunding
  5. Sale of merchandising

In this article, I’ll cover each of these methods specifically!

Here we go:)

How to Make Money on YouTube With Advertising


Advertising is the main way to make money on YouTube

you know those annoying advertisements that appear at the beginning of each video?

Here the Youtubers earn thanks to these advertisements

ok Jean but how does it work?

Very simple! now I’ll explain!

The Youtuber makes money through the views of his videos and the views of the advertisements in his videos

I’ll give you an example:

If you make a video that is viewed 1000 times this means that the advertisements of your videos have been viewed more or less 1000 times.

and if you have a CPM (cost per thousand views) of 2 euros your profit will be 2 euros

while if your CPM is 6 euros your earnings will be 6 euros 

ok Jean but what am I CPM ???

The CPM is the cost per Mille, it is a parameter used in marketing to calculate the cost of 1000 views of an advertising campaign

In the case of Youtube it is the cost that the advertiser pays for every 1000 video views

Youtube calculates the CPM for each Youtuber with its algorithm

there are so many parameters that come into play for this calculation:

  • the country of publication of the video
  • the countries of the users watching the video
  • the length of the videos
  • how long your subscribers spend on your videos
  • your niche …

and all these parameters mean that even Youtubers from the same niche can have CPMs and therefore very different earnings

You need to know: Although it is an easy way to earn (you just need to connect your Google AdSense account with your YouTube account )

minimum requirements are required by the platform :

  • You must have more than 4000 hours of views in the last 12 months
  • You must have at least 1000 subscribers to your channel

PS: Google AdSense  is the Google service that allows you to insert advertising banners on your blog / website or as in this case on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube With Sponsored Content


If your channel achieves a lot of exposure then you may want to think about monetizing your visibility

this is the business model used by most influencers

Partnering with a brand is another way to make money with YouTube

Youtubers are and continue to be more and more valuable to brands , and this is because they have subscribers who trust them

and this trust helps increase brand conversions and thus helps increase their earnings

Sponsored content is beneficial because:

  • allow you to increase your sources of income
  • you can help your audience learn about new products and services
  • agreements with brands can help you grow in notoriety

Brands will ask you to use one of their products in one of your videos or give a short presentation of the product to your audience

the way the product is presented and the agreements change from brand to brand and from product to product

but in general it happens that you receive products or services (and economic compensation) in exchange for the integration in your content of the brand that acts as a sponsor

Jean but how big does the YouTube channel have to be to start collaborations?

There is no minimum requirement in this case.

There are also small channels that make great money with sponsored content 

And do you know why?

Because they are niche channels

YOU MUST KNOW : the more niche your channel is, the less competition you will have

and if you have less competition your audience will see you as the only expert on that particular topic

and therefore they will trust you more easily

And this the brands know very well 🙂

How to Make Money on YouTube With Affiliate


One of the most profitable ways to make money with YouTube is definitely through affiliate marketing

depending on the niche you want to deal with it will be interesting for you to sign up for some affiliate program

There are affiliate programs for almost all categories

And the most famous is certainly that of Amazon

once you have found the right affiliate program for you and once you have signed up to their program you will receive a personalized link for each product you want to advertise

Link that you are going to insert in the description of your YouTube video

this will allow you to receive a commission every time a user purchases the product or service through your link

How to make money on YouTube With Crowfunding

How to_make_money_on_Youtube

Fundraising is a tool that can help when you have an idea but lack the financial component to launch it

crowfunding is the collection of funds for a specific project to be carried out on a specific date

For example, if you need help to improve your youtuber equipment , hire employees (video makers, video editing etc) or cover the costs of producing a content

you can request support from your audience thanks to crowfunding

Usually what you have to do in these cases is to create a mini video where you explain and tell about your project, the history of the project, the participants of the project and the final goal.

and in this video you will need to be able to convey to your subscribers the value your projects can bring to your community 

and convince them to invest in the project

Remember to also mention the rewards that people who give gifts will receive

this will encourage more people to donate and be part of your project

another thing you will have to do is to register your project on crowfunding sites such as kickstarter or indiegogo , which are currently the best specialized fundraising platforms

Sites entirely dedicated to crowfunding that will provide you with all the tools you will need to promote your project

How to Make Money on YouTube By Selling Merchandise

Selling merchandise is another great way to make money on YouTube 

whether you sell T-shirts, cups, caps or socks with your logo, merchandising is a great deal for both you and your subscribers

some Youtubers use the sale of merchandise as extra income while others have made it their main source of income online

if you are interested in this method of earning with YouTube then you absolutely must mark the website: Teespring

Teespring allows you with just a few clicks to create your own online store  where you will go to sell your products

you won’t need a warehouse to store your merchandise Teespring takes care of everything

and with its print on-demand service it will send your products directly to your subscribers

Here is an example of a Store you can create with Teespring :


Creating and selling products has great benefits that go beyond just financial gain

selling your physical products increases your exposure and visibility by putting your brand and personality in the real world and increasing the relationship between you and your fans

who go from just fans to customers after buying one of your products

How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

Another way to trade with YouTube is to make money without making videos

Jean you’re lying! It is not possible!

No no 🙂

Believe me there really is a way to make money on YouTube without making videos 

Now I’ll explain!

You must know that there are many people who make money without making videos 

you know the videos of the cuddly cats that are on YouTube ? Or sports videos?

or the videos TOP 10 Things you have never seen?

Here is an example:


This video as you can see has 2.3 million views!


2.3 million views without putting your face on it and without creating any video because your video is nothing more than the collection of videos already on the web

I invite you to take a look 🙂

these types of videos work really well as you may have seen and can be used to make money with YouTube without making videos

ATTENTION : one thing you have to pay attention to in order to use the videos that are on the net!


ok Jean, where can I find the copyright free videos?

Always on Youtube !!

Open the filters on Youtube and select the “Creative Commons” filter


with this filter you will have the list of all the videos without copyright, which you can download and upload without incurring problems on the rights of the videos

How Much Does YouTube Pay For 1 Million Views ?

YouTube pays between $1,000 to $ 5,000 for every 1 million views

this figure is an approximation because there are many factors to take into consideration

  • The length of the video 
  • the audience
  • geo location

All factors that affect the CPM and therefore also affect the overall gain


Here you are at the end of this article

I’ve shown you several ways to make money on YouTube

starting from the most common, which is advertising, to less known methods such as making money without making videos

obviously this list is not exhaustive, there are other ways to make money with YouTube and very often the use made of YouTube depends on the business model of the company / brand

Tell me your opinion below and if there are any other methods you would like me to investigate

I hope this article was helpful to you

a greeting 

your friend Jean