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How to Make Money at 15-Year-Old

Hi You!

You are still a minor but are looking for a way to make money online to become independent from your parents

you are in the right place !!!

In this article , I’ll show you how to make money at 15 year old

You are a minor and are looking for ways to earn money without always having to rely on your parents.

if you feel uncomfortable every time you ask your parents for money to go out and party with your friends

you know they make sacrifices to make sure you don’t miss anything and it makes you uncomfortable asking them for money to go out with your friends

I have the solution for you

Here is the list of the best ways to earn money at 15

Make Money With Affiliations


Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which a business or an individual promotes the products or services of another to receive a commission on any sales generated.

you have to know one thing

80% of millionaires attribute their success to a single skill: Selling

the sale understood as learning how to get money from other people 

affiliate marketing is the best way to develop this competence

you don’t need money to start, you don’t need special permissions

you just have to learn how to get a person to give you money and do it as much as possible

as for me if there is an activity to which I must attribute the success of this blog that allows me to finance my unconventional lifestyle and that has allowed me to travel halfway around the world 

this activity is affiliate marketing and if I had to start from scratch the first thing I would do is learn the affiliate strategies as soon as possible

if you too want to make money online, if you also don’t want to live a classic life and if you also want to live by your own rules

Affiliate marketing school is the one for you

Resell Products You Get Free


reselling products obtained for free is certainly one of the best ways to earn money for minors

What does it consist of?

consists of receiving free products from sellers on Amazon and then reselling the products with a new and revolutionary method 🙂

The gains that can be made are really great and without having to take up too much time 

you can easily receive products that you will resell for 100 euros

a sale of 5 products of 100 euros per month can easily lead you to a profit of 500 euros per month

no need for credit cards and no need for special knowledge

you just need a computer or your smartphone

Tell me would you like to earn 500 euros a month?


Find out all in this article: Amazon Domination Formula: Start Making Money Online

Make Money With A YouTube Channel


Been to FavijTV?

who does not know FavijTV! one of the most followed youtubers in Italy.

Would you like to have millions of followers and earn thanks to YouTube?

Of course yes, we would all like it

if you don’t mind appearing on video then you should consider opening a youtube channel.

a YouTube channel can allow you to do many things but above all it can allow you to have many ways to make money online:

Here is a list of some of the ways to make money with youtube

  • Making money with advertising
  • Earn money with sponsored content
  • Earn money with affiliations

I invite you to read Make Money with YouTube: Strategies to know if you want to know other ways to make money with YouTube

YouTube is a platform that is consolidating more and more, where everyone goes to get information, to pass the time and to have fun

and thanks to this very fast growth of the platform that the Youtubers were born

Make Money With A Blog


Opening a blog is an activity that you can do as a minor

my first blog in fact I opened it at the age of 17 but nothing prevents you from opening it before me

a blog is a great way to make money online

it’s one of my favorite methods because it gives you an endless chance to monetize your passion

I wrote an article on how to make money with a blog, but believe me when I tell you that an article is not enough

there are a thousand ways to monetize a blog

if you like to write, tell, teach or talk about your passion then you shouldn’t waste a second one more

Starting a blog is the decision that can change the direction of your life and make you an expert in your field, I’m not kidding

once you have created an audience of readers who love each of your articles

you can earn through advertising or through affiliation

What is affiliation?

If you don’t know what affiliation is then I invite you to read the article Make Money with a blog: the 5 most effective methods

if you already know the potential of this method then tell me what are you waiting for to open your blog?

Buy WordPress hosting and domain and start earning by writing 🙂

Earning With Fiverr


Fiverr is a platform that allows you to sell your services to buyers from all over the world

on Fiverr you do not need any authorization from your parents and you can earn even if you are not yet 18 years old

How does it work?

after you have registered on and created your account

what you just have to do is create an ad where you sell your skill

as in the example below


this is an example of an ad on Fiverr in which the seller asks 8 euros for the transcription of audio and video

Make Money with Fiverr is a very convenient way to earn some extra cash

you can sell any type of service

lately there are more and more people offering gaming coaching🙂 that is paid to teach others to play online

is not it fantastic?:)

and what are you waiting for? what is your level in League of Legends? 🙂

Sign up and sell your services

Make Money Watching Advertising


Yup! you can Make money watching advertising and in a submerged world of advertising it could be a bargain to take advantage of it to earn some extra money , what do you think ?? 🙂

Swagbuck is a platform that pays you for every activity you do on the website

If you are interested in making money from advertising you can’t miss swagbuck

there are other sites where you can make money with advertising

if you want me to go deeper into this topic and bring you a list of the best sites to make money with advertising let me know in the comments

for now I leave you a very interesting article that I wrote on this topic: Make Money watching advertising: It can be done !!

Make Money with Surveys


Surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money online

simple because you don’t need any skills, you don’t need a lot of time and above all …

you do not need to be of legal age

indeed I believe that it is the simplest activity that a minor can do to earn money without effort

the main sites you need to know are:

  • My Survey
  • High opinion
  • World opinion
  • Nextplora
  • Google opinion reward

I wrote an article where I talk about the differences between these websites

and I suggest you read my article to get an idea of ​​what you are going to find before signing up for one of the list -> Make Money with surveys: Here’s what I discovered!

REMEMBER : you will not become a millionaire with surveys but by combining the winnings of the different sites on the list together

you can take home a good nest egg that will allow you to take away some whim


I showed you some really effective ways to make money online ,

I know people who earn several hundred euros a month with these same methods

now it’s your turn!!!

I recommend that you choose one of these methods and invest some time to learn it and make it work 

and only then move on to a second method

this is the right procedure!

good luck and take your freedom

your friend Jean