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How to Increase Blog Traffic with YouTube

Hi you 🙂 !!

in this article I want to talk to you about how to increase blog traffic with youtube

as I always say the main goal of a blogger is to increase the traffic of their blog

obviously you have to create quality and useful content this always and forever

but it is useless to have good content if no one comes to visit your blog

so a good blogger must always be looking for ways to increase visits to their blog

credit: Youtube

YouTube is a great option for bloggers to increase visits and buy new readers and as YouTube has a huge user base it would be a shame not to use this base to your advantage. 

and above all because all types of blogs can benefit from this traffic and also because it is a totally free method

Here are 4 ways to increase blog visits with YouTube for free:

  • Add the YouTube video of your blog article
  • Optimize your YouTube profile for SEO
  • Add Blog Links in your Videos
  • Follow the progress of your videos

Add the YouTube video of your blog article

Whenever you write an article, consider creating its YouTube video as well

YouTube video does not have to be a professional video with background music and various transitions from clips

what you need to do is just add a video to content that can be complemented with a video, i.e. content where understanding of the content can be helped with video 

the goal in this case is to create your presence on the YouTube platform so that the algorithm can find a suitable audience for your content

creating a presence on YouTube requires you to regularly post some videos on the platform so try to create small 3-5 minute videos where you comment on your articles

this is by far the easiest way to get started

Here are 3 free platforms to create your video content:

  • Screen cast-o-matic (your computer screen recorder for mac and window)
  • Shortcut (video editor for mac and window)
  • iMovie (video editor for mac)

Optimize your YouTube profile for SEO

There is a really excellent reason why you should optimize your YouTube video .

To place your videos in the search results. It’s really easy to have a YouTube video that ranks in Google search results (SERPs)

It is very simple to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO 

Here are some tips to follow:

  • You have to find a good keyword, a keyword with little competition and a good search volume
  • You have to put the keyword in the title of the video
  • You must write some original content in your video description that describes the video content and contains the keyword

Add your Blog Links in Your Videos

Another thing you need to learn is to create internal links to your video that will drive traffic to your blog

the main places you can link to your video are:

1- the description of your video : 
the video description is the space that is immediately below the Video and where you have to describe what the player will find in your video

its position just below the video is perfect for inserting links to your blog 

remember: only 150 characters are allowed so try to be concise

2-your pinned comment :

video creators have the possibility to pin their comments, that is, to highlight their comment and so that it always remains at the top of the comments.

Use this strategy to link to your content so that when your readers comment on your video they are forced to see the link.

3-In the final screen of the video : 

YouTube often use the final screen of the video to insert suggestions and propositions when reading other videos,

or to insert the button to subscribe to the YouTube channel and also to insert a link that can be used to lead readers to the blog

4-Add cards :

Tabs are those rectangles that appear at the top right of the video while the video is running, these links can be set in your profile and you can use them to insert the link to your blog 

Follow your progress of your videos

This step is much underestimated by bloggers who create YouTube videos but it is important.

Monitoring your YouTube channel data allows you to understand which of your video formats work and which don’t

even if you don’t want to create a YouTube account to become a professional youtuber, monitoring the data allows you to understand which direction to follow for the growth of your YouTube channel

it is useless to continue creating video formats and dealing with topics that are of no interest, just focus on what works and do it on a large scale is the place where you will find all the statistics of your YouTube channel 

the main goal I remind you is to have your video in the top positions of Google search results to increase visits to your blog

to check this there is a section in where you can check me traffic sources of your videos

the only negative point of the YouTube manager is that he does not give you any other indication, that is, he does not tell you with which keywords the users are looking for you and with which they find you

information that allows you to optimize your content even more

but no problem this information can be found thanks to other software like the populated ahrefs and SEMrush