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How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon

Hi You!

In this article I will explain how to get free stuff on Amazon in exchange for reviews, a well-known practice that allows you to receive free products from Amazon

To receive free products from Amazon in exchange for reviews you must perform the 3 steps:

  1. Find products to review
  2. Manage communication with the seller
  3. Receive and write the product review

1-Find the product to review

the place where you can easily find the products on which to write reviews is Facebook and Telegram, there are several groups that allow you to contact sellers

to access some of these groups you will have to answer a questionnaire

after answering the questionnaire and accepting the group rules you will be approved within the group

once your application has been accepted you will be able to see the posts with the products and the contact details of the sellers

2-Manage communication with the seller

Once you have chosen the product you will need to contact the seller

the seller will give you all the information to receive the product for free from Amazon

and will give you the information regarding the review part

3-Receive and write the product review

After receiving the product , you just have to write the product review to your seller

For more information I recommend reading the article: Amazon Domination Formula

After receiving the products the next step is to resell them in order to earn money from this system

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How to get free products from Amazon

The best ways to get free products from Amazon are:

  • Amazon Domination Formula
  • Amazon Vine
  • Amazon product Sampling

Amazon Domination Formula


Amazon Domination Formula is the only video course in Italy that allows you to receive free products from Amazon

Imagine now that you have a course entirely dedicated to how to get products from Amazon

a video course with 25 lessons entirely dedicated to the subject

with the best tools and the best tricks explained by people who have been doing this business for more than 5 years

with a video course like this, believe me it is practically impossible to fail and the testimonials of users who have used it prove it !!

If you are imagining yourself in your room while the Amazon parcels …

then you must absolutely read this article: Amazon Domination Formula: Start Earning Online

Amazon Vine


Amazon Vine is Amazon’s program to allow you to receive free products

Amazon Vine ‘s purpose is to give Amazon customers the best information about the products found on the site

therefore the people who do the best reviews on Amazon have the opportunity to receive products for free

the reviews are done by the “Voices of Vine” who are the users selected by Amazon to receive the products for free

the task of the “Voices of Vine” is to test the products, evaluate them and write a useful review within 30 days of receiving the product

ok Jean how do you become a Vine Voice?

Unfortunately it is not that easy to become a Vine Voice

in fact the latter are selected by Amazon directly through direct invitation

there is no link to sign up for this program

the only way to enter the program is to be recognized with Top Reviewers

Top Reviewers are those people who write the most useful reviews for other users and of excellent quality on Amazon

Amazon evaluates all reviews on the site and thanks to parameters such as the quality and usefulness of the review

create a list of the best reviewers

and to reward these top reviewers, Amazon gives them access to the Amazon vine program

the Amazon Vine service also gives the possibility to review from a computer, tablet or smartphone .

To review with smartphone , download the app for Android devices on the Google play store or download the iPhone app on the Appstore

After downloading the app you will be able to write reviews

select the product in question in the “my orders” section and click on “write a review for the product”

Amazon Product Sampling


Amazon Product Sampling is an Amazon program that allows you to receive complimentary product samples

very useful service that allows companies to advertise and that allows you to receive free products

what kind of samples?

You can receive beauty products such as facial creams, anti-aging creams, mascara or other products such as chocolate snack samples , kibble or dental hygiene products for your dog or even dishwasher capsules

as you can see there is a wide variety of products you can get

To access the Amazon Product Sampling program

simply go to your Amazon account under “communication preferences” and check the “I want to receive emails for marketing purposes “

This will authorize Amazon to send samples of products suggested for you to your address

you can activate the Amazon Product Sampling service also via smartphone and tablet through the app

once you have entered the application via smartphone, in the “my account” section look for the item “communications center” and select “communication preferences”

go to “communication preferences by mail” and check the item “I want to receive communications by mail, new Amazon products and services, offers or purchase suggestions”

How To Receive Free Stuff From Amazon With Telegram

how to earn with telegram

Telegram is another way to get free Amazon products

there are Telegram groups where sellers and reviewers meet

the goal for the seller is to climb the Amazon rankings to place the product in the best position

and to climb the Amazon ranking, reviews are very important!

the goal for reviewers is obviously to get free products

in these Telegram groups these “exchanges” take place at the limit of the Amazon regulation

where both the seller and the reviewer find their profit


we have seen the 4 best ways to get free products from Amazon

many people all over Italy are using these methods

now that you too are aware of it, take the opportunity to save some money

I hope this article was helpful to you

your friend Jean