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How to Come up With Blog Post Ideas

In this article, you will find out how to come up with blog post ideas

one of the main problems that you can have during a career as a blogger is to remain without arguments and without ideas of articles

there are several ways to solve this problem and all people who want to start a blog must be aware of them

Here are the most effective methods for finding blog post ideas

  1. Google Trends
  2. Google Keyword planner
  3. Look at the competitors
  4. Forum
  5. Quora
  6. Buzzsumo
  7. subscribe to Facebook groups
  8. Read books


Google Trends

Google Trends is a Google tool that allows you to know the search frequency of a word or phrase on the web.

You can also search by topic or find trending news, then compare the data with each other.

a useful function for a blogger is that of associated searches and associated topics that Google Trends gives for any search

the Google platform suggests topics that are related to each other and to your niche

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the Google Ads tool used to find and analyze keywords and their search volume as well as offer you suggestions on new keywords related to the main one you have entered.

Google Keyword Planner is a planning tool from Google that allows users to search for keywords for their websites or blogs. 

since it is a keyword research tool what you will find are keywords but it allows you to have keywords related to your niche and you will often find keywords that will give you new article ideas for your blog

Watch the Competitors

Another way to find new ideas for your blog posts is to be inspired by competitor articles

competitors who deal with the same topics as your niche have the same goals as you and therefore do the same research as you

it becomes useful to look at the articles written by your competitors especially by the bigger ones and those who have many more articles on your blog


A forum is a website that allows multiple users to interact with each other asynchronously, ie without the need to be connected at the same time. 

The forums are based on a “tree” structure, made up of categories and subcategories, within which users can open new discussions on a specific topic (or thread) or intervene in discussions already started by other users ( post).

Forums are great places to find ideas for articles, forum participants are often very experienced users and you can find really interesting discussions and dealing with a variety of speeches


Quora is a question and answer platform that allows its users to ask any type of question and receive answers from other users. 

Quora allows its users to create their own accounts, and once you have the account, you can feel free to ask any questions and get answers from other users. 

This platform is available in several countries around the world and you can easily log into any Quora platform account.


BuzzSumo is a website that allows users to search for the most shared content across the web. 

on this site you will find the most popular topics and with they have made more shares on the web it is useful to know which are the most popular articles and what are the feelings of readers on different topics

BuzzSumo’s main utility is to help users find out which content has been shared the most on the net. 

BuzzSumo allows users to search for the most shared content based on various criteria, such as publication date, type of content, country of origin, and so on

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great place to find blog post ideas

on Facebook there are groups on any topic, what you need to do is join one of the groups that deal with your niche

within these groups there are conversations of other users on a variety of topics and these can help you find ideas for your articles

tries to identify the problems that people have and studies a solution to these problems

Read Books

books are a great source of article ideas

when you have a blog on a particular niche what I recommend to do is read the most important books of that niche

by reading the most important books of the niche you will have a clearer vision of the most important topics and about which you absolutely must write articles

but in addition to identifying the main topics, the books also allow you to find subtopics that you had not thought about

or even in some cases they allow you to find new issues to deal with and new problems to deal with and discuss