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How to choose a WordPress hosting

Today you will learn how to choose a WordPress hosting and domain

 In this article you will find an illustrated guide with everything you need to do, step by step , to open your blog in just over 7 minutes

I started my first blog more than 10 years ago, an incredible failure 🙂

my last blog I opened in May 2020

FREENANCER a blog a little about personal finance a little “DIFFERENT” that is giving me truly extraordinary results, doing something that really fascinates me

“Living your passions is priceless”

Starting a blog is a great way to make some extra money every month.

If you are also interested in opening a blog that allows you to live on your passions


Below you will find everything you need

In this article we will see how:

  • Open your blog step by step
  • Purchase your hosting
  • Have WordPress Free
  • Parameterize Siteground

How to buy a domain

To buy the hosting and the free domain you have to go to SITEGROUND

in the image below you can find the homepage of the site

here you can buy the domain for your blog

as indicated by the arrow in the image, choose the “WORDPRESS HOSTING” option


Once you’ve selected the WordPress option, choose the plan that’s right for you.

I recommend for your first blog to choose the START UP plan which is the least expensive and is great for a first blog


It’s time to choose your domain.

Write the name of your blog / site (make sure it is available) and choose the final part of your domain (I recommend .com )


Continue by completing your registration by entering your details, your payment method and purchase information

I advise you to leave the 12 month period as in the image

buy wordpress


EXCELLENT ! now you have a hosting and a domain

You are now part of the people who have their own space on the web

PS: if you are not satisfied after the purchase within one month SITEGROUND will refund you the entire amount

Now let’s proceed

the next steps will allow you to become a “BLOGGER” 😉

How To Set Up The WordPress Domain

After purchasing the hosting and the domain you should have received an email (as in the image below) from Siteground


In the email you will find:


information you will need to LOGIN (go to )


Once you have entered your SITEGROUND dashboard, do not be impressed by the thousands of options available

select “WEBSITE” from the main menu at the top of the site

and then, as shown in the image, click on “SITE TOOLS”


Once you have entered the Tools click on “INSTALL MANAGER” and then “WORDPRESS” as shown in the image


Once you have selected “WordPress” the window below will appear where you will need to enter your data


TIP _ use the same SITEGROUND login details for simplicity)

buy hosting

After entering your details



PS: To log in to your dashboard go to: “”

Where To Buy Domain And Hosting

Domain and hosting are an extremely important part of your blog or business

On the web there are so many options to choose domain and hosting and each has its strengths and weaknesses

before choosing which hosting to run your site on, it is good to know everything the market offers in order to make the right choice

we all have different needs and knowing what the network offers allows you to find the service tailored to you

Here is the list of the 3 main ones:


Siteground was born in 2004 in Sofia in Bulgaria

It has about 500 employees in its offices around the world (America, Spain, London ..)

and manages more than 2,000,000 customers (including :))

Siteground offers a domain registration and purchase service


Aruba is an Italian company that offers Datacenter services, web hosting, e-mail and domain name registrations

Founded in 1994 in Florence, it is the first Italian company for IT services

Aruba manages 2.7 million domains and approximately 5.4 million customers


Bluehost is a web hosting company that is part of the very close circle of the 20 largest web hosting companies in the world with 2 million domains in surplus

the company is American and the CEO is Matt Heaton

The services offered by Bluehost are unfortunately only in English and among these services we find: shared hosting and VPS

What Is The Best Hosting For WordPress

The best Hosting is undoubtedly SITEGROUND and now we will see together why:


  • A simple offer
  • Help free for hosting transfer
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • The domain name is not offered
  • Site / Support in English
  • Small disk space

How Much Does The Domain Cost On WordPress

How much does a domain cost in WordPress?

very frequent question and the answer is… it depends!

Costs vary from hosting to hosting and what you want to do with your site 

not all sites have the same needs so not all sites need the same tools

Siteground offers you the free domain for the first year other platforms make you pay at the time of subscription while others still give it to you to build loyalty

If you want, you can buy the domain without having to go through hosting

in this case the cost of the domain will change according to other parameters (for example the extension of the site: .it or .com) and also due to the provider that issues the service 

the general cost of a domain is about 10/15 euros per year but in particular cases this price can reach up to 50 euros


We have reached the end of these tutorials I hope all the steps were clear and easily understood

With this tutorial you have everything you need to start your web adventure

I truly believe that more and more people will enter this wonderful world that offers an infinite number of opportunities

if you have any problems during the procedure do not hesitate to write me below in the comments 


Your friend