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Affiliate Marketing Pros and Cons

in this article I will tell you about the affiliate marketing pros and cons

and yes, because all that glitters is not pink,

affiliate marketing I always say it is the best way to earn after you have created your blog because it is extremely easy, it does not require any type of investment and can be done immediately

however, there are also downsides to this exceptional model

let’s find out together the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing

the advantages of affiliate marketing are:

  1. you don’t need to create your own product 
  2. you don’t have to deal with customer support
  3. entirely passive business
  4. limited growth potential
  5. easy for newcomers
  6. enormous flexibility
  7. no initial capital required
  8. freedom of time management

the disadvantages of affiliate marketing are:

  1. It takes a long time for stable earnings
  2. it requires a lot of self-discipline
  3. risk of finding bad affiliate partners and bad products
  4. you have no control over the product price on commissions
  5. a lot of competition
  6. there is no support


you don’t need to create your own product

this allows you to avoid problems such as the creation of products, such as warehouse management if we are talking about physical products or the payment of web platforms if we are talking about digital products

another advantage is that you can choose the products and companies to work with, I’m sure you already have companies in mind that you would like to collaborate with because you like how they work and you like their product

affiliate marketing allows you to approach them through affiliate programs

you don’t have to deal with customer support

therefore of payment problems, customer complaints, or refunds to customers who were not satisfied with your product

this leads to fewer things to worry about and less stress

you can make it an entirely passive business

passive income is what we are all looking for and nothing can give you that better than affiliate marketing

if you can generate quality traffic, on a recurring basis and direct it to your affiliate links

… .And if you can do it without your presence being necessary

then you can make money on the autopilot and this is just what people like you and me are looking for 🙂

unlimited growth potential

you can promote all the products you want and there is no maximum limit, so once you have learned the mechanism well you can recreate it an infinite number of times and as you can well understand this means that your earnings are potentially infinite

they just depend on how much you work and how many products you promote

and then there is to consider that an affiliate marketer may fail to sell a product well while the same product in the hands of another affiliate marketer can lead to huge profits

the potential of the affiliate is really a lot not only depends on how much work you put into selling a product but also on the quality of the way you promote it

Remember: the more people you can touch, the more chance you have of earning

easy for newcomers

you don’t need to learn to code or set up websites, you just have to insert affiliate links in the content you publish

the affiliate program management interfaces are very simple (see Amazon affiliate program )

you just have to register and you can start selling once you are approved by Amazon

plus you don’t need any experience to start this job and you can start right away

Another point to consider is that doing affiliate marketing means selling the products of other companies and to see these products you will need to learn a fundamental skill in marketing : The sale

so as a novice you learn to sell every day and this can open many doors to you in the future


there are a lot of affiliate programs to choose from so you are not locked into one product category, you always have the choice of choosing and trying new products and new promotion strategies

this ability to easily change allows you to more easily find which products work with your type of communication, with your audience and with your brand

no initial capital required

one of the main advantages of the affiliate is that there are no barriers to entry

affiliate marketing can theoretically cost zero dollars !!!

in fact, you can initially promote your products without spending money by using the audience you already have on platforms like Facebook and Instagram

there is absolutely no risk because no investment is required !!

some people invest money in advertising to increase their visibility but it is not a mandatory operation, indeed at the beginning in the test phase it is better not to invest anything

and pay later when you are sure the ad campaign works


for you who want to create your empire and be your own boss, affiliate marketing is the perfect spot

with this job you can work with your timing and promote the products you want

and if you are one of the people who want to work without having the pressure of a boss or a superior, affiliate marketing is perfect to be your own boss



it takes a long time for stable earnings

it takes a lot to earn steadily, becoming a successful affiliate marketer doesn’t happen overnight,

if you are looking for a quick way to make a lot of money I’m sorry to tell you that the affiliate is not for you

of course you can earn even after a couple of months

but to make money steadily and make it a truly passive business you have to expect to spend several months perfecting your affiliate strategy

affiliate marketing is a long-term business strategy,

building an audience, earning search engine rankings, earning reader trust, and finding lucrative affiliate programs takes quite a bit of time

you absolutely must put it in your head before starting this activity

it takes a lot of discipline

it is not a normal job, you do not have an agenda, a routine or guides so you have to be the one to work every day for your goal

you have to be able to set your goals and follow them in the long term, if you are a responsible person who can manage himself this is an excellent plus point

having a lot of self-discipline helps a lot in the beginning when you spend many hours working and still don’t earn anything

add the fact of not earning anything to the thousand distractions that you can have working from home and as a result you have loss of motivation and abandonment

quitting is very simple but if you have self-discipline and can focus on a long-term goal then the chances of you being successful increase

risk of finding bad affiliate partners and bad products

There are many cases in which affiliate programs do not pay you correctly and other cases in which they do not even pay you

therefore also the choice of the affiliate program is an important choice

do your research before you start working with any company

in addition, once the problem of affiliate programs is overcome, it is not even easy to find companies that produce high quality products and that we have products that are right and in line with you

the first reflex is always to look for products that offer a large commission but often these are not related to your brand or your interests and your expertise

you are not in control of the price and commissions of the product

for example the Amazon affiliate program pays a certain percentage on the products and this percentage is not negotiable

this even if you are the best Amazon seller

just like Amazon other affiliate programs have the same policy, this can be really frustrating especially in long term relationships

a lot of competition 

what makes the affiliate attractive is that there is no barrier to entry, not like other entrepreneurial activities in which you must necessarily have a start-up capital

with the affiliate you do not need any capital to start or any particular skills

everyone with a little patience and discipline can become good affiliate marketers and if this is an advantage on the one hand, on the other it means that many people in the world throw themselves into this profession

so that’s why it’s extremely important to find the good niche early in your project

there are niches that are so saturated and full of competition that it would be a suicide and a waste of time to invest while there are other new niches with little competition that you need to focus on

there is no support

that of the affiliate marketer is a career for loners

because most of the time you will be alone

if something stops you or if you encounter technical problems you will have to solve them yourself in most cases


Here we are at the conclusion of this article, I hope as always that it has been useful to you

leave me a comment if you think there are other advantages or disadvantages to add to this list

See you soon:)

your friend Jean