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Affiliate Marketing Programs: The Top 35 List

Hi You!

Let me guess!!

you are approaching the world of affiliate marketing and would like to know which are the most profitable and interesting programs and which ones to avoid

You are in the right place!

in this article you will find 35 affiliate marketing programs that can be right for you

no matter what niche you are positioned in, in this list you will surely find the one that’s right for you!

And also only for you who enter this truly profitable world I have a surprise!

read the whole article to know what a surprise it is 🙂

What is an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a service offered by a portal or ecommerce

that once you accept the conditions allows you to sell their products by earning a commission on each sale

The list of Affiliate Programs

Here is the list of the best affiliate programs:

  • Amazon
  • Aliexpress
  • Fiverr
  • Builderall
  • Getresponse
  • Themeisle
  • Envato
  • Bondora
  • Udemy
  • Semrush
  • Etoro
  • Clickbank



I can’t help but start with Amazon , absolutely one if not the best affiliate program on the web

very reliable and very safe !!

everyone knows Amazon and therefore selling thanks to this platform is extremely simple, the only problem is that the commissions on the products sold are really low

on the other hand, the list of products on offer is really impressive as you well know



A marketplace just like Amazon , which has had great notoriety in recent years thanks to dropshipping

many marketers who do dropshipping use Aliexpress to search for products

the prices are extremely competitive because the suppliers are mostly Asian and the product catalog is really huge



You have surely heard of this platform, 

Fiverr is one of the best places to find freelancers for any type of job

and the best place to find collaborators at very competitive prices

Fiverr ‘s affiliate program is very, very interesting

You can decide to get paid in different ways and for different types of shares

the most profitable way is their CPA (cost per action) offer

thanks to this method, to earn the commission it will be enough for your customer to register on Fiverr and acquire a product

commissions can range from $15 to $150 per single lead



Ever -Evolving Platform Builderall is a really powerful tool for marketers

you will find in this platform all the tools necessary for a marketers (landing page, funnel, Email marketing, graphics, Facebook bot etc …)

their affiliate program is very, very profitable !!

provides 100% commissions on the first purchase of your guest and 30% for each renewal

but it doesn’t stop there! if the users you manage to sign up have affiliates themselves

you will earn an additional 30% of the sales made by them

Incredible isn’t it? 🙂

the NEGATIVE POINT is that in order to access their affiliate program you must necessarily be in possession of one of their programs



A very famous web marketing tool that allows you the maximum construction and management of landing pages and automated emails

the peculiarity of the Getresponse affiliate program is that it allows you to choose how to get paid

you can choose to be paid in 2 ways:

  • Receive € 100 for each sale
  • Receive 33% for each customer who renews monthly



Promoting a hosting service is something you need to take into consideration

working on the web you are practically forced to choose among the multitudes of hosting that there are

every blogger has its own host and every host service has its own affiliate program

host services pay very well and earnings percentages are around 40%

the best are: Siteground and Godaddy


Themeisle is a company that sells wordpress themes and plugins

the main feature of this platform is the attention that the Themeisle team puts to create optimized, fast and safe themes that can be easily managed by people with few technical skills

their affiliate plan is very interesting in fact they offer a 55% commission for any sale generated

ATTENTION : their cookies have a validity time of 365 days !!



Very famous platform in the world of graphic designers, video makers and marketers

Envato is a digital product marketplace where you can really find anything (templates for websites, photos, videos, plugins, etc.)

the earnings percentages are around 30% and the registration is really simple



Bondora is one of the leading P2P lending platforms

P2P lending is a system that allows you to lend your money to other people through a web platform

it is a simple way of investing money that removes the barriers to entry into the investment world

their affiliate program allows you to receive 5% of the money invested by the person who signs up with your affiliate link



The e-learning market is constantly increasing and the global pandemic we have experienced has only accelerated this trend.

more and more people are trained online through educational courses and videos or Ebooks !!

Udemy is the most important and most famous portal that relies on Rakuten, one of the best known affiliate networks

other portals that I suggest and that you should look at are Skillshare and

Skillshare pays you 10 dollars for each user you bring to the platform while allows you to earn 50% on each course the user buys on the platform



Ninjabet is the first matched betting site in Italy

Matched betting is a mathematical technique that allows you to earn bonuses made available by betting sites

commissions are 40% for every sale of their premium membership

and you will also continue to receive a commission every time your invitee makes payments on the platform



Are you comfortable with SEO? Then Semrush is just the thing for you

If you have a blog and are using Semrush then consider joining their affiliate program

Semrush offers you a monthly payment from your customer’s subscription date until the subscription is canceled



Online trading is one of those sectors where affiliation is often used to make their services known

ETORO is one of the leaders in the sector, a very well known trading platform that offers very high commissions

if you have a blog about trading you have to talk about this company



Clickbank is the world famous affiliate networking,

still extremely present in the world of affiliate marketing with an offer of high-level products and services

the great feature of Clickbank is that it offers some of the highest commissions ever, we are talking about 70/75% !!!

the NEGATIVE POINT of Clickbank is that the products in Italian are still few (even if there has been a marked improvement compared to the last few years)



Affiliate platform recommended especially for travel bloggers or for all those who work in the travel sector

as you know, the travel sector is one of the sectors that pays the most

Note: The Airbnb affiliate program requires a payment in Airbnb credits that you can reuse to pay for a stay in one of the Airbnb properties

another very famous platform for booking travel and worth a look is Booking

PS : Unlike Airbnb, Booking pays you real money 🙂



Maxbounty is a CPA (cost per action) affiliate network

which means that the network pays you for the number of leads you can generate for them

A lead is a user who performs one of the following actions:

  • Fill out a form
  • Leave your Email
  • Requires a quote
  • Install a program
  • Download a Mobile App

Don’t expect big commissions, CPA affiliations have a higher conversion rate but the commissions are much lower

the NEGATIVE POINT is that you need to have specific requirements to enter this type of affiliate network



Mailsenpai is a really useful tool for web marketers

Mailsenpai brings together in a single platform everything a marketers need (management of advertising campaigns, management of emails, management of servers, tracking, API keys, etc.)

Mailsenpai ‘s affiliation offer is: € 5 for each user you manage to get registered (commission that increases if you exceed the threshold of 100 registered users)





20 / ACER




24 / KIKO





29 / HOME24






Affiliate Marketing Course


Once you have chosen your affiliate program and the product you want to promote, all you have to do is build yourself an effective strategy

Well yes!

to make money with affiliate marketing you need to have a plan

sharing links on all social networks no longer works

if you are an expert you know very well what I am talking about but if you are just approaching the world of affiliate marketing know that you need a well thought out strategic plan

or rather a system …

That’s exactly what I had to go through too !!

I remember how in the beginning I was spamming my affiliate links everywhere on the web , without any logic and without any morals, hoping that someone would click on them 🙂 randomly …

I really wasted a lot of time and money (eh yes I also paid to promote my links :))

until after years of failure and study I finally found that thing that works !!

and to that thing I gave us a name : THE SPIDER-WEB SYSTEM

and here I ask you a question …

Do you want to waste time looking for what works in affiliate marketing or do you want to save time and start earning immediately?

If you want to earn immediately let me know in the comments,

So as to reopen sales


your friend Jean